The Same Sky 2017

Cold War, the seventies. Lars is a Romeo agent from East Germany: he must go to the West side and seduce and spy on Western women who work in government or defense institutions.

Same Name

Same Name is an American reality television series in which an average person swaps lives with a celebrity with the same name. The series premiered on July 24, 2011 on CBS, however, after just 4 episodes, CBS pulled the low-rated series from its Sunday night line-up.

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2016

“Same Bed, Different Dreams” is a variety show where teens and their parents come and openly share their issues with the show’s panel. It is MCed by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Gu Ra.

The Name's the Same 1951

The Name's the Same is an American game show that was produced by Goodson-Todman for the ABC television network from December 5, 1951 to August 31, 1954, followed by a run from October 25, 1954 to October 7, 1955. It was alternately sponsored by Swanson and Johnson Wax for the majority of its run. It was also sponsored by the Bendix home appliance division of Avco early in its run, and Clorets and Chicken of the Sea tuna midway through its run. The show's final sponsor, Ralston Purina, also sponsored Ethel and Albert, the program that replaced The Name's the Same on the ABC schedule.

Samedi de rire

Samedi de rire was a Radio-Canada sketch comedy show in Quebec that aired from 1985 to 1989. Cast members of the series included Yvon Deschamps and Normand Brathwaite. The québécois analogue to Saturday Night Live, the title is itself a clever play on words: it literally means "Saturday of laughs", but is phonetically pronounced similar to ça me dit de rire, or "I feel like laughing".

The Marked Husband 2014

Ploy plays a rich bratty woman who has gone through 2 failed marriages and one dead husband. Her best friend is played by Jui, a friend who is not really her friend. They are more like friend enemies. Jui has been having an affair with Ploy’s current husband who eventually dies in a car accident. Ploy finds out about the affair and ends their 13 year friendship. Also Jui’s character is pregnant with Ploy’s dead husband. Ploy finds love again with straight shooter Pope who loves her sincerely despite her terrible personality and sketchy history with men. They eventually get marry; however; problems with insecurities regarding trust starts to tear the couple down. The reappearance of Jui doesn’t help the couple either.

Husband 2013

Story of pride of a young noble woman (Pream) who is forced into marriage with a Chinese-Thai business man (Grate) to save her home. Ying Ai is a royal descendant and a prideful woman. At a young age Ying Ai was taught by her father to hate Jao Sua, a Chinese-Thai business man and a friend of her mothers. Ying Ai also believes that her father's death was caused by Jao Sua. In order to save her home, the Prakardiat Palace, from debt her father left behind, Lady Rattanawalee (Ying Ai's mother) agrees to marry Jao Sua to pay part of the debt. But as matters become more difficult, as her Adopted Uncle Prasit refuses the money from Lady Rattanwalee and claims that the money must come from Ying Ai. In order to get the Palace, Prasit will go as far as to kill Ying Ai to acquire the Palace, forcing Jao Sua to to engage Ying Ai to his youngest son, Ram. As luck would have it Ram refuses the marriage, allowing Rab (who gladly wants to marry Ying Ai) to marry Ying Ai, allowing for Ram's mother to control her son to hate the first wife's children. But after marriage, Ying Ai is put in the middle of the conflict between Jao Sua and her father's past, forcing her to choose between Rab or her father. Will Ying Ai let go about the past and have a happy ending with Rab? Will Lady Rattanawalee finally explain the past to her daughter? Will Ying Ai finally give in to her heart's desire?

The Sami

Cultural and ethnographic identity is explored in Sápmi and other places.

Onegai! Samia-don 1985

Please! Psammea-don is a Japanese anime that was broadcast from 2 April 1985 to 4 February 1986 with a total of 78 episodes produced. This anime is based on the 1902 novel Five Children and It by English author Edith Nesbit. The anime differs from the novel in revolving around four children rather than five. Three of the children are siblings while the fourth is their friend and neighbor. The four children encounter the Psammead who, in the anime, is depicted as being yellow with a blue hat, and more of a grumpy and lazy being than mischievous. In Latin America, the series was known as Samed, el duende mágico and in France and Quebec as Sablotin. In the Arab world, it was known as Moghamarat Samid.

My Lovely (Fake) Husband 2012

Khun Ton is a writer who writes romance novels. Pimmapa is a brand manager at a cosmetic brand called Naree. Story starts out with Khun Ton taking pictures at a villa on the mountains and accidently captures Pimmapa on his camera. He is immediately memorized by her beauty. They have a short encounter where he returns her lost phone to her and they go their separate ways. Long story short, Pimmapa comes back to Bangkok and finds out her boyfriend P'Eak cheated on her with two women on her wedding day. She meets Khun Ton again on her vacation and they being to hang out. They come back to Bangkok again separately and things happen that leads Pimmapa to the bar where she gets drunk and is saved by Khun Ton from being kidnapped by bad men. He takes her to her condo and as she is drunk, she tells him about her corrupted wedding day and her horrible cheating ex-boyfriend. Khun Ton comforts her and tells her that there are still many good men in the world. Pimmapa forces him to sign the marriage certificate that she still kept from the wedding day. After a bunch of convincing and making him feel guilty, Pimmapa successfully gets Khun Ton to sign the marriage certificate. The next morning, they both wake up and Pimmapa finds out they both are husband and wife because they signed the marriage certificate, but because it was not turned into the state's office(or something like that), the marriage was not official. However, Pimmapa convinces Khun Ton to pretend to be her husband for the sake of her parents and he agrees. They end up being fake husband and wife through the story but begins to develop real feelings towards each other because of their jealousy. Khun Ton is jealous of Pimmapa because her boss Khun Triwin is in love with her and tries to get close to her. Pimmapa is jealous of Khun Ton because his almost fiancée Karakade finally meets him and she wants him. She pretends to be a good girl in front of Khun Ton's grandma, but is actually a very evil person. Bad things happen because of third wheel people in the story that wants Khun Ton and Pimmapa to separate. However, Khun Ton's sister Mint and his cousin Kingkaew, Pimmapa's friends and family supports them being together, even though they all found out that the marriage was fake. In the end, the bad people loses and Khun Ton and pimmapa ends up together. The ending scene is at the same villa where Khun Ton first captured a picture of pimmapa. They hug, kiss and do all those lovey dovey things that happen in every thai lakorn.

Guess My Next Move 2018

Ask the participants, “What kind of person is she or he?” Depending on what kind of relationship you are in with them, they think differently about you. The participants are the people around you. In this show, each week, new guest appears with their participants. Participants with different sight gather together and watch the guest’s real-life video with four emcees, Lee Su Geun, Jang Do Yeon, DinDin, and JR. In between the video stops and the participants has to guess the guest’s next move and the guest bet money on the improving relationship fund. The next move is unexpected. A game of guessing their everyday lives begins now.

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