Ella Enchanted 2004

Ella lives in a magical world in which each child, at the moment of their birth, is given a virtuous "gift" from a fairy godmother. Ella's so-called gift, however, is obedience. This birthright proves itself to be quite the curse once Ella finds herself in the hands of several unscrupulous characters whom she quite literally cannot disobey. Determined to gain control of her life and decisions, Ella sets off on a journey to find her fairy godmother who she hopes will lift the curse. The path, however, isn't easy -- Ella must outwit a slew of unpleasant obstacles including ogres, giants, wicked stepsisters, elves and Prince Charmont's evil uncle, who wants to take over the crown and rule the kingdom.

Talk to Her 2002

Two men share an odd friendship while they care for two women who are both in deep comas.

Ella Cinders 1926

Poor Ella Cinders is much abused by her evil step-mother and step-sisters. When she wins a local beauty contest she jumps at the chance to get out of her dead-end life and go to Hollywood, where she is promised a job in the movies. When she arrives in Hollywood, she discovers that the contest was a scam and the job non-existent. But through pluck, luck, and talent, she makes it in the movies anyway, and finds true love.

Frau Ella 2013

A young man goes on a road trip with an old lady he saves from a hospital.

Ella 2016

Ella Havelka made history in 2013 by becoming the first Indigenous dancer at the 50-year-old Australian Ballet. In this engaging, MIFF Premiere Fund-supported world premiere, Ella – a descendant of the Wiradjuri people – charts her inspiring journey from growing up in modest circumstances as the only child of a single mother in rural Australia to gaining entry to National Ballet School, then spending formative years with the acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre before accepting the invitation of The Australian Ballet's artistic director David McAllister to join one of the world's foremost ballet companies.

Turkish Dance, Ella Lola 1898

In this movie, dancer Ella Lola performs a Turkish variation of a "Danse Du Ventre", the oriental belly dance. In her dance she shakes, twists and turns around in a very energetic dance. The elements of Turkish folklore can be felt despite the lack of sound as the differences from this and other belly dances are very notorious when her traditional Turkish dress swings in a marvellous way as she dances. Unlike other films about exotic dances, Lola's movies (the other was "Ella Lola, a la Trilby") were of a less erotic nature and more focused on the realistic representation of the dance. A professional dancer since a very young age, Lola's dancing is very graceful and showcases an enormous control over her body.

Ella 2013

As surreal as it is nightmarish. Ella's parents get into a nasty argument and leave her in a house with two unknown guests.

Musth 2013

Ana, Daniel, Christian and Pia, a group of friends who have managed to stay together despite the problems that surround them every day. Until today, when an unexpected event will change their lives forever. "Musth" is a story about love, trust, loyalty, desire, happiness and forgiveness, a story about how we play on this board called LIFE.

Ella & Nell 2018

Two women in their forties from Berlin go hiking and camping in the mountains on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. What starts as a cheerful reunion develops slowly but surely into a disastrous journey, when it becomes clear that their friendship has not stood the test of time.

Ella 2018

Ella has been living in her apartment in the city center for more than 40 years. Due to the massively increasing price of rent, she is forced to move out soon and to give away most of her beloved pieces of furniture. Even the ones, she restored by herself. When the new tenants of her apartment stop by to pick and choose which of her valuables they would like to keep, Ella realizes that her time in this apartment is coming to an end.

Farewell Ella Bella 2018

For Ella (24), the death of her alcoholic father leaves her with nothing but debt and the bitter memory of a complicated past. Abandoned by her mother at a young age, she has sacrificed her life, opportunities and love to care for a man she resents but is now left adrift in the world after his passing. The re-emergence of her nomadic godfather, Neo (46), at her father's cremation gives Ella the opportunity to discover a better future for herself in Johannesburg. She also decides that she will bury his ashes at her childhood home in Jo'burg. Neo is a trumpeter who plays small gigs across the country. He spends his life in his trusted old car- never putting down roots and never being responsible for anyone other than himself. In agreeing to drive Ella from her home in Beaufort- West to Johannesburg, he is finally learning to take responsibility as their journey together forces Ella to confront her past instead of merely running away from it.

Ella 1964

The first film produced by ICAIC on the position of women within the framework of the revolution. The lives of an aspiring actress and her reluctant mother, of an army lieutenant, and of former prostitutes in process of rehabilitation are explored.

She 2015

When Georgina dies, her husband Alcides tries to give her a dignified funeral, which is quite difficult, because they have no money and are living in the poorest district of Bogotá.

Ella 2010

Ella – well she has a name too – Luna (Patricia Garza), is actually about her much older husband and painter Alfredo (Paul Vega), and his choice of actions/reactions after she decides to leave him for a lover that he wasn’t aware of. Alberto has been going through a creative crisis and is under pressure to complete a series of paintings for a forthcoming show. It is nevertheless also plain to see that he’d been treating Luna, who’s also his model, largely as an object of desire and obsession – capturing with camera her every movement in the house when she’s not posing for him, and memorising her every physical feature, moles and warts included – he’d apparently counted twenty seven moles on her body. When Alfredo tracks down and entraps the lover she’d wanted to elope with (Rómulo Assereto), he’ll discover that they both have more in common than merely desiring the same woman…

Ella & Él 2015

Every couple is unique. At the same time there are patterns that all of us inherit from our families. We all have choices: repeat that pattern in the family we choose to build or create new one. That is the fight that the characters of About Them embraces. Both are gown up adults who has not been able to move away from their past, but they are trying so hard to build their own pattern, but the past keep reaches them.

Ella y Yo 1951

Pedro Muñoz is a womanizer that does not escape one until Irene Garza arrives and makes him to see his luck, while the aunt of her tries to separate them.

Por Ella Soy Eva 2012

Por Ella Soy Eva is a Mexican soap opera produced by Rosy Ocampo for Televisa based on the Colombian soap opera En los tacones de Eva. Jaime Camil and Lucero starred as main protagonists, while Mariana Seoane and Marcelo Córdoba starred as the main antagonists. "The Best Telenovela of the Year 2013."

She Was Pretty 2015

Ji Sung Joon has a crush on the most beautiful girl in town, Kim Hye Jin - the only problem is, he's unattractive and lacks self-esteem. As fate would have it, years later Sung Joon grows up to be not only successful, but extremely attractive. However, when he runs into his first love Hye Jin, she has become unattractive and poor. Can their love transcend the vanity they both associated with each other?

Menoume Ellada

Μenoume Ellada is a Greek television series, aired by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation. It is aired Monday to Friday at 2pm on ET1 and 01:00 GMT on ERT World. This program showcases beautiful Greece and all it has to offer. 4 teams of reporters scour the country to bring the viewer to various points of interest, from small villages, to historical sites and local culture. The show also features live pictures from 40 different locations via webcams and also provides constantly updated weather conditions for various cities and traffic updates from national and regional road- all on the TV screen. Hosted by Giorgos Amyras & Renia Tsitsibikou.

Kalimera Ellada

Kalimera Ellada is a television morning program aired by ANT1 in 1992 until 2011 and hosted by Giorgos Papadakis. Contents of the program, which is very famous in its country, includes country and local news, daily presentation of newspaper's frontpages, etc.

Z: The Beginning of Everything 2017

A biography series based on the life of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, the brilliant, beautiful and talented Southern Belle who becomes the original flapper and icon of the wild, flamboyant Jazz Age in the 20s. Z starts before Zelda Fitzgerald meets the unpublished writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and moves through their passionate, turbulent love affair and their marriage-made in heaven, lived out in hell as the celebrity couple of their time.

Greek National Team 2015

Four women whose lives have reached a dead end decide to change everything by forming the first ever national curling team in Greece.

Ellada Eheis Talento 2007

Ellada Eheis Talento is a Greek reality television series on the ANT1 television network and is part of the Got Talent multinational franchise. It has been one of the most successful Greek TV shows over the last five years. It is a talent show that features singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages competing for the advertised prize of €100,000. It did not only feature Greek people, but also ones from the Greek diaspora. Like the British format, the auditions take place in front of the judges and a live audience. At any time during the audition the judges may show disapproval to the act by pressing a buzzer which lights a red X near them. If all of the judges press their buzzers, the act ends immediately. To advance to the second round, participants need to get at least two positive votes or they would be sent home. The semi-final and final shows are broadcast live from Athens.

Sammy & Co 2014

A series following the story of young turtles, Ricky and Ella, and their friends, Annabel the Octopus and Pipo the Butterfly Fish. Within the many fun, exciting adventures, we learn that life underwater is quite similar to life on earth and likewise, things rarely go as planned! Even if they live with the wise Sammy in the safe happy setting of a warm reef, our little turtles – just like little kids – won’t be able to resist the appeal of the big blue ocean!

My Lovely Girl 2014

Hyun Wook is the CEO of a talent agency that scouts and trains idols. He is a brilliant songwriter-producer who appears cold and indifferent on the outside but is sensitive and kind-hearted. Hyun Wook lives in great difficulty as he unable to let go of his ex girlfriend who dies in an accident he witnesses first hand. His ex-girlfriend’s sister, Se Na, moves to Seoul in order to pursue her songwriting career and meets Hyun Wook who helps her achieve it. In the midst of healing through music, they fall in love.

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