Struggling Hearts 1923

The year is 1658 and the King of Sweden has seized large parts of Denmark. A tenant farmer and his family on Falster are forced to look on while enemy soldiers loot and wreck their home. Only the wounded and febrile soldier Lasse Månsson does not take part in the atrocities, and when the regiment moves on, he stays in the care of the farmer. Soon, Lasse falls in love with Anna, the farmer’s daughter, and they plan a life together. But can love blossom in such dark times? (

Struggling 1932

A Chinese couple in the 1930s struggle to survive. Things get complicated for them when he enlists to fight the war against Japan.

Life of a Struggling Actor

Corey Jacobs an up and coming actor has dreams of making it big in Hollywood! Follow him as he goes through the ups and downs of getting to the next level. Will he make it?

Four Around a Woman 1921

The merchant Yquem buys his dear wife a beautiful jewel with matching earnings in a place where the city's underworld trades in fake and stolen jewelry. By chance, Yquem spots a man with whom his wife had an affair in the past. Yquem follows him to a hotel where he will write him a letter imitating his wife's hand writing. The letter invites the man to a public place where Yquem can spy on them and try to discover whether there is still something between them.

Relationship Goals 2017

Geoff and real-life wife Griffon talk about modern relationships and what love is in 2017. Relationship Goals is relationship real-talk (with a pinch of sass).

Championship Goals

The Championship was a British football television programme featuring highlights from the Coca Cola Football League. It was almost always shown on Sunday mornings on ITV, presented by Matt Smith. Despite its name, it also covered Football League One and Football League Two matches, albeit to a lesser extent than Championship matches. The show included various additional features since it began in August 2004 and had its format changed due to widespread criticism of the number of commercial breaks. Link scenes usually involved Smith speaking to camera from various parts of the stadium of the featured match, such as the dressing rooms, the referee's office, the boot room, the pie stand and so on.

Goals on Sunday

Goals on Sunday is a British television show on Sky Sports 1 that shows highlights and analysis of Premier League, Scottish Premier League and Football League Championship matches. Shown on a Sunday morning, the programme is fronted by Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard. Kamara has formerly presented the show with Ian Payne, Rob McCaffrey and Claire Tomlinson. The show is largely popular for the guest analysts who appear on the show. These are mainly players, ex-players managers or ex-managers and they often exchange jokes with the presenters. It has been described as two hours of mostly Premier League highlights that is set apart from Sky Sports’ world of swooshing graphics by its opening titles. Tomlinson left the show in October 2007 and was replaced until the end of the season by Paul Boardman with a handful of appearances from Jeff Stelling. Ian Payne was confirmed as Kamara's new co-presenter ahead of the 2008/2009 season, and his arrival coincided with the show's new set and titles. Payne left the show in 2010 and was set to be replaced with David Jones However, Ben Shephard was later confirmed as the new co-presenter. The show's theme tune is the Faith No More cover version of The Commodores single Easy. The studio background is a view across Surrey Quays in London's docklands.

Goalstar 2012

Goalstar is a docu-reality series that sets out to discover if a team of celebrities who aren’t professional Soccer players can successfully build a united Soccer team and win the game of their lives. During the season the players will go through a touching, grueling and fun transformation. In this intensive boot camp they will go through some unforgettable experiences, in Israel and abroad, and each of them will fulfill his childhood dream to play Soccer in front of a full stadium.