The Imp 1996

Stunningly sexy Pan Dang plays a Hong Kong woman who's traveling in search of her twin sister, who disappeared leaving nothing more than a native doll, the eponymous imp. Along the way she hooks up with a mobile film crew. They discover that something isn't quite right with the boarding house in which they're staying.

The Killer Snakes 1974

A young man who has been beaten, abused, humiliated and laughed at all his life finds that he has an unusual empathy with snakes. He can talk to them and they understand him, and eventually he finds that he can get them to do his bidding. He decides to use his newfound friends to take his revenge on everyone who ever did him wrong.

Belated Love 2007

Bon and Yee, a music teacher, where lover originally. However, they depart because of a musunderstanding. One day, they meet again in a concert, will they being together again after those years?

Hitman in the Hand of Buddha 1981

A country bumpkin arrives to help his brother's rice business. Things get out of hand while a rival company becomes corrupt. The bumpkin, an ace martial artist, fights off the rivals. Angered, the rivals hire a martial arts expert to fight the hero, only to get beaten up himself. The expert send his teacher to hurt the hero and succeeds. The hero is sent to a temple where he learns a new style of kung fu. Now with the skills, our hero is ready to get even.

Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre 1995

Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre, also called Men Behind the Sun 4, is a 1994 Hong Kong film directed by Mou Tun Fei and is in many ways considered to be a follow up to the 1987 shockumentary film, Men Behind the Sun. The movie depicts the events behind the Nanking Massacre committed by the Imperial Japanese army against Chinese citizens and refugees during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Like Men Behind the Sun, the film was both criticized and praised for its brutal portrayal of the Japanese atrocities, such as the notorious contest to kill 100 people using a sword, during the early and late stages of World War II, but at the same time was questioned over historical accuracy and violence which gave the film a more exploitation feel to it.

The Rebel Intruders 1980

China is ripped apart by a civil war, and thousands of displaced refugees swarm into towns not yet ravaged by war. Three such refugees arrive in one town. They join forces with local rebel leaders to escape to the south before getting into trouble with Lu Feng who is out to exterminate all rebels.

The 72 Desperate Rebels 1978

This movie has a sword eating lama, a bell trap formation with big bell wielding belles, people dressed in multi-color ku klux klan outfits and Chen Sing.Set in the Ming Dynasty, an infamous pirate finds 72 martial arts experts from all over China to help him battle the imperial government. Includes breathtaking kung fu fighting and plenty of ninja action.

Sha Fu 2000

After Wang Axiong was released from prison, he temporarily worked while at the funeral society. When he took a fancy to Tang Rumei who helped his mother at the flower shop door, he took the opportunity to take her to the countryside to rape

Forbidden Killing 1970

In "Forbidden Killing" Melinda Chen Man-Ling plays a highly trained swords woman who gets involve in a power struggle between two groups mandarins in the government.

On the Hunting Ground 1985

On the Hunting Ground made by Tian Zhuangzhuang at the invitation of the Inner Mongolia Film Studio. After living for a month with the Mongolians on the grasslands in preparation for the film, he drastically changed the script given to him by the studio. The original story centered around the themes of male dominance and jealousy with a complicated plot; in Tian's film, the narrative element practically disappears. Insofar as a narrative centre exists, it deals with a hunter's transgression of the Mongolian hunting code (laid down by Genghis Khan in the thirteenth century) and his subsequent penance. A semi-documentary--using local herdsmen rather than professional actors--which captures the hunting rituals, rhythms and patterns of daily life in a Mongolian tribe.

The Killer 1972

Chiao Tzu Wei hires a killer under the premise that the local government (run by the local kung fu school) is corrupt and extorting the people of the town. The killer happens to be Hsieh Chun (aka Hsiao Hu) who left town ten years ago. (When Hsieh Chun opens up a suitcase full of knives, you know that there is going to be tons of killing!). Thinking that the local kung fu school is bad, he goes over there to fight them. There is some reuniting of lost friends and some love between two of them. The bad guys are constantly double crossing everyone and this leads to total mayhem and carnage. The final fight scene (which is actually several fight scenes going from one to the next) is incredible, especially the blood soaked finale between the evil Japanese leader of the opium ring and the two brothers.

Waves Washing the Sand 1936

Returning home from a long voyage overseas, a man finds his wife and child living with another man. Fuelled by anger, he murders the other man and is forced to flee justice, until he faces death on a deserted island.

The Ghost of Night Crow 1972

There are ghosts and costumes fighting, and the female ghosts revenge for the crows. In short, it is a tragedy of love. It’s a bit of a bad ending, summing up the excessive revenge of female ghosts,

A Tooth for a Tooth 1973

Kung fu sensation Cheung Lik stars as the rough and ready kung fu kid who is tricked into robbing a triad boss. Amongst the things he steals is a contract for opium distribution between the triad boss and the Japanese Yakuza. Now the stage is set for some hate! The triads and the Japs send out all their top fighters to get the list back off the kid before he goes to the police with it.

Slaughter in Xian 1989

The plot of Slaughter in Xian concerns the friendship between a thief turned Chinese opera performer, played by Chow Lung, and an incorruptible police officer, played by Tung Chi Wa. When a delivery of machine guns is hijacked and stolen by a group of not so incorruptible police officers, led by Ku Wing Chuen, who are in collaboration with a pair of gangsters played by Chin Siu Kin and Do Yuk Ming, they try to get rid of Chi Wa so that they can pin the crime on Lung. (Paul Bramhall/

Dragon Killer 1995

A boat load of illegal Chinese immigrants make it to the California coast. But many of those on board are in a sad state. One of them (Tony Liu) makes a run for it and jumps overboard. He knows what lies ahead for the unlucky few who have manged to survive. The illegal heads for the city to look for a certain individual. Simon Yam stars (in a low key role) as a former triad who's trying to go legit (for some shady ulterior motives. The illegal knows what Simon is all about and wants him in a big way.

Hadji Sha (Shiftegi) 2014

Hadji Sha, a fifty-year-old woman has disguised herself as a man to protect her sister's family. She makes friends with a singer who somehow has to deny her identity as a woman too. The problem comes up when Hadji Sha finds out that her sister's retarded granddaughter has been raped.

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