The Turning 2020

A young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after the deaths of their parents. A modern take on Henry James' novella "The Turn of the Screw".

The Turning Point 1977

When her daughter joins a ballet company, a former dancer is forced to confront her long-ago decision to give up the stage to have a family.

Vampires: The Turning 2005

An American muay-thai fighter in Thailand must join forces with a group of vampire hunters to track down and kill a vampire lord who has kidnapped his gilfriend.

The Turning 2013

Seventeen talented Australian directors from diverse artistic disciplines each create a chapter of the hauntingly beautiful novel by multi award-winning author Tim Winton. The linking and overlapping stories explore the extraordinary turning points in ordinary people’s lives in a stunning portrait of a small coastal community. As characters face second thoughts and regret, relationships irretrievably alter, resolves are made or broken, and lives change direction forever.

The Turning Point 1952

Special prosecutor John Conroy hopes to combat organized crime in his city, and appoints his cop father Matt as chief investigator. John doesn't understand why Matt is reluctant, but cynical reporter Jerry McKibbon thinks he knows: he's seen Matt with mob lieutenant Harrigan. Jerry's friendship for John is tested by the question of what to do about Matt, and by his attraction to John's girl Amanda. Meanwhile, the threatened racketeers adopt increasingly violent means of defense.

Turning 2012

In 2006 Antony and the Johnsons and Charles Atlas took their collaborative performance TURNING to major cities in Europe. This documentary film explores the heart of that performance.

Genesis - Turning It On Again 2007

This unique 3-DVD collection is the definitive critical overview of the work of Genesis. Taking the viewer on a journey from the band's early days through to the more recent past, the programs feature fascinating archive interviews with Phil Collins, Steve Hackett, Tony Banks and Michael Rutherford; also on hand to provide expert analysis of the music is a team of leading rock journalists and music industry insiders. And then there’s the music – featured here are superb tracks from the ground breaking Gabriel era and the bands later years as a commercial super group, including I Know What I like (In Your Wardrobe), Supper’s Ready, The Musical Box, In The Cage, The Knife, Turn It On Again and many more.

Turning 2010

On his sixth birthday Robert receives three beautiful broken old birds in his mother's sitting room. A memory of an afternoon with tea and cake, lacy pink slips and a tale of an emperor with no skin.

The Turning 1992

Gillian Anderson in her first ever screen role. Anderson's psycho boyfriend, Cliff, returns to his home town seething with pent-up frustration and rage. Four years earlier his family was on the verge of breaking up. Noe he's returned to put things right, fired by a psychopathic determination he is intent on destroying his father's new relationship...whatever it takes.

Fate's Turning 1911

A young girl working as a waitress at a resort for the wealthy is swept off her feet by a rich young gentleman, and before she knows it, she's pregnant.

Turning Point 2011

A coming-of-age tale of three friends and the high school road trip that will forever influence their lives.

Turning Paige 2002

A young would-be writer is forced to confront her past upon the return of her angry, wayward brother.

Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back 1995

Tommy Lee (Phillip Rhee) comes to visit his sister and finds that the town is being overrun with members of the Arian brotherhood. These Arian brothers certainly weren't expecting a Taekwondo expert to show up. Tommy and his sister's husband played by Christopher Mcdonald team up to stop the racism. whats better than watching neo-nazis get the crap kicked out of them? when the person kicking the crap out of them is dressed like homie the killer clown, complete with big red shoes and a foam nose. and thats just ONE of the MANY many many many many many cinematic jewels contained within this action packed blessing to the silver screen.this is the best worst martial arts film since sonny chiba's street fighter! you don't believe me? see for yourself namby-pants and check out the best of the best 3. now!!!

Turning 30 2011

Naina's story as she grapples with heartbreak, and a crisis in her advertising career in the face of her 30th birthday. And as she fights her anxiety and fears about being 30 years old, Naina realises there's a lot of growing up to be done. Set in the heart of urban Mumbai, Turning 30!!! is a humorous and heart-warming take on a single young woman's journey of finding herself, discovering love and blossoming into a woman of substance.

Turning the Tables 1903

A policeman confronts a group of boys who have ignored a 'No Bathing Allowed' sign.

Turning Man 2015

The video Turning Man presents a static shot of a silhouette of a character who is constantly turning around. Despite being in motion, the figure seems frozen, almost automated. The little man turns, turns and turns again, in an abstract setting that turns out to be a vinyl record on a turntable in a domestic interior. The beat of the music is reflected and embodied by the continual rotation of the character.

Turning Ten 2018

A ten minute wait in a medical clinic forces a young mother and her daughter to collude together at a pivotal point in time that will shape both their lives together.

Turning Back 2011

The feature film Turning Back, formerly The Whisper Home, is a family drama based on The Parable of The Prodigal Son. Stephen Patterson, a school teacher and family man, is offered an exciting opportunity to run for public office. However, his exhilaration quickly vanishes when his younger brother Dave returns home after a long bout with drug addiction. Stephen deeply resents Dave for the damage brought to the family in recent years. He is also disappointed in his parents for welcoming Dave home so generously. Now Stephen has to learn to overcome the bitterness and jealousy, which created a severe rift within the family. Their journey shares the underlying power of forgiveness and God's unconditional love for His children.

Turning Green 2005

Set in late 1970s Ireland, it tells the story of 16-year-old James Powers, an American who finds himself lost after his mother dies and he is forced to live with his three Irish aunts. Displaced and depressed, he longs for a way to make it back to America. One lucky weekend in London, James discovers pornography and, desperate for cash, he decides to sell them back in Ireland. His success spreads wildly. After finding a possible way home, he must decide where home really is, and finds that one's place in the world is all a state of mind.

Turning April 1996

Geoff Bennett - Disconnected from her family, April, an ambitious bureaucrat's wife and the daughter of wealthy parents, amuses herself with petty shoplifting. During a thieving spree, she is taken hostage by a gang of outcasts. - Tushka Bergen, Aaron Blabey, Dee Smart

Turning Point

Turning Point is an ABC News program that aired from 1994 to 1999. Turning Point was an hour-long documentary program focused on a single topic, making it similar to CBS' 48 Hours, which it ran directly opposite for some of its run. The program tended toward sensational topics, such as former members of Charles Manson's "Family" and much coverage of the O. J. Simpson murder case, which was current for much of the program's run. ABC News figures appearing regularly on the program included Diane Sawyer, Forrest Sawyer, Meredith Vieira, Peter Jennings and Barbara Walters. This Turning Point is not to be confused with an ABC dramatic anthology series of the same title which ran during the 1952-53 television season.

Turning Mecard 2018

Turning Mecard stars Jason, a grade-schooler who meets a Mecanimal, a transforming minicar from the alternate world of Triforce, named Evan. Jason and Evan are both searching for missing family members, and team up to help each other. Together, they meet more Mecanimals as they battle across dimensions and learn important lessons along the way.

Turning Points of History

Turning Points of History is a History Television series about significant points in history, generally with a Canadian angle to it. The series was narrated by Cedric Smith. Among the various historical topics included Juno Beach, Polio, and bush pilots.

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