Margaret Cho: CHO Revolution 2004

Filmed live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, REVOLUTION is comedian Margaret Cho's triumphant return to the screen with the same unbridled, no holds-barred humor that infused her previous two concert films. In REVOLUTION, Margaret tackles the axis of evil, her travels through Thailand's red light district, the explosion of child birth, bartering sex for household chores, revolutionizing one's self-esteem, the joy of bodily functions, her loser ex-boyfriend, and of course, her now world-famous mother. Known as much for her social activism as she is for her raunchy humor, Margaret is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon who once again brings her distinctive and empowering personal voice to her devoted and adoring fans.

Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O. 2002

A film of Margaret Cho's one-woman stand-up show, in which she presents her take on modern sexual topics and minority issues. Filmed live.

Margaret Cho: PsyCHO 2015

Three-time Grammy and Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho performs in front of a live audience in this provocative and hilarious comedy special event, tackling off-limits issues from Boko Haram to female empowerment with her razor sharp insight and wit.

Margaret Cho: Beautiful 2009

Learning to love her luscious self over the past forty years, comedian Margaret Cho realized that the eye of the beholder doesn't hold all the power when it comes to beauty. Our tastes may be groomed by the media, but how we feel about how we look brings our self-image into focus. Armed with something more potent than lip gloss - a mouth so shocking and raunchy it should be stamped with a warning - Cho toured America with her manifesto: "This show is really about how we should feel beautiful," says Cho. "When you feel beautiful, you're going to have more of a willingness to use your voice to speak." Shot at the Long Beach Terrace Theater, Cho's latest stand-up concert film, Beautiful, explores the good, bad, and downright ugly in beauty, and the unattractive politicians and marketers who shape our world.

Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want 2000

November, 1999, Margaret Cho is home in San Francisco at the Warfield Theater. Cho structures her monologue loosely on her professional life's trajectory: doing stand-up, cast in an ABC-TV sitcom, losing 30 pounds in two weeks for the part, the show's cancellation, a descent into booze, pills, and self-loathing, and a resurrection into her own voice, her own shape, and being the one she wants.

Margaret Cho: Assassin 2005

Margaret Cho returns to the concert stage with a "killer" one-woman show that has taken audiences by storm. Filmed live at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C., Assassin features a fresh dose of Margaret’s ground-breaking and controversial brand of humor. Taking aim at the Bush administration and the religious right, she pulls no punches in her assault on the "ever devolving" state of the union. The result is an unforgettable performance featuring Margaret at her raw, irreverent and hilarious best.

Band of Ninja 1967

A young boy joins a band of ninja during a peasant uprising, all depicted through an experimental form of filming pages from the original manga set to sound.

Henry Cho: What's That Clickin' Noise? 2006

Take a Korean-American comic who was raised in Tennessee and you're bound to get some hilarious stories. Recalling his most vivid childhood memories in this stand-up special, Henry Cho riffs on playing sports, surviving pregnancy and having children.

Villain 2011

A criminal gossip magazine receives a video tape from Japan's most notorious criminal rapist, the "Hyper Villain" Shouhei Eno. On the tape, Eno reveals himself and proclaims he has raped 107 girls in 10 years. He also offers the magazine a chance to interview him and film his upcoming 108th rape.

Cho Dependent 2011

Miss Margaret Cho is back, and she has a few things she'd like to share with you. From her hilarious recounting of her backstage feud with the Palins during 'Dancing with the Stars' to musical interludes featuring Cho's witty original songs, this new concert film from our favorite all-American girl will have you howling from beginning to end. (You'll also never look at the 'American Idol' contestants the same way again, but you'll just have to hear Margaret explain that one.)

Cho Lon 2013

In the heart of Saigon, there's a place where promises are still written in blood.

Night Butterflies 1957

A traditional bar mistress in Kyoto clashes with her Tokyo rival.

Super Ninja Squad Inazuma!! SPARK 2007

A year after the prequel's events, Jun is now producing a sequel to her original show and has the daughter of Magical TV's president as her female lead. However, Tsubame is unable to keep herself from helping those she feels are in need, and she is accidentally sent to the Edo period where she tries to befriend a ronin shinobi. Hosomatsu and Kankichi are trying to find out who is killing all of daimyo, but Kaguya is traveling with Tojiro, so they are down one member as Inazuma.

Conduct Zero 1986

Stephen and his friends Linus and William, all in their late teens, loitering out all day with nothing to do. They steal cars' radios for a living. Previously, they are unduly provoked by an instructor at a Cadet School, the three decide to get revenge and steal the car's radio of that Instructor. However, they get caught. Leung, another probation officer, requests to take on their case. Leung is a kind man who loves cycling, he hopes that he could inculcate them an interest in cycling...

Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles: Legend of Yagyu Part 1 1998

Yuko Moriyama stars in this ninja period piece as one of seven women determined to exact revenge on the evil lord Akinari Katou and “The 7 Spears”, the band of soldiers he commands. Trained assassins and skilled in sorcery, these men took over the Aizu prefecture and took its most beautiful young women as concubines. They left behind 7 daughters now seeking out Jyubei Yagyuu to help get revenge.

When the Tenth Month Comes 1984

Considered by many local and international critics to be the greatest Vietnamese movie ever made. In the final days of the war, a beautiful young widow, Duyen, faces a daily struggle to take care of her young son and ailing father-in-law, all the while hiding from them the fact that her husband has recently been killed in battle. Keeping her secret burden to herself, she is befriended by the village schoolmaster, Zhang, who agrees to fabricate letters from her dead husband in order to spare her family sorrow. As their friendship deepens, Duyen and Zhang find themselves drawn closer to intimacy – a dangerous relationship if Duyen if to maintain her charade. The film resonates beautifully with the traditional Vietnamese precepts of duty and sacrifice, combined with aesthetic influences from centuries of tradional poetry, literature and theatre.

Super Ninja Squad Inazuma! 2006

Jun Terada is a producer in the year 2076 and is trying to convince the president of Magical TV to allow her to create her life's work, Chō Ninja Tai Inazuma!, based on the long standing legend of a legendary lightning that bestows powers upon those struck by it. However, because the show is to be the 100th anniversary of the Hyper Hero Team Series", it must be a first for the 100 year long franchise. President Mishima convinces her to turn it into a reality show by traveling back to 1720 in the Edo period and picking three extremely inept locals and force them through humiliating training to become ninja.

Super High Speed Galvion

Chō Kōsoku Galvion is a 22-episode TV anime mecha series that aired in Japan in 1984. It revolves around criminals using robots to save innocents in exchange for years being cut from their long prison sentences. The program did not fare very well and had its planned number of episodes cut; a 23rd episode was partially completed but did not air. Episode 22 was a typical episode but had a 35-second epilogue tacked onto the end that explained the series' planned outcome via voice-over narration and stills.

The Cho Show 2008

The Cho Show is a reality-sitcom starring comedienne Margaret Cho which premiered on VH1 on August 21, 2008. The series follows Cho as she interacts with her family and friends, including her mother and her assistant Selene Luna. Sandra Bernhard, Wanda Sykes, Michelle Rodriguez, Kat Von D, Nina Hartley and Joan Rivers make appearances during the show's first season. The premiere episode, titled "Korean of the Year", was available for download from the U.S. iTunes Store for free. The DVD of the show is planned for release in Australia, on 4 March 2009.

Natsume Yujin-cho 2008

Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him.

Chocolate 2019

The story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamed of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him. Lee Kang is a neurosurgeon, who once dreamed of becoming a chef. As a child, Moon Cha Young once met Lee Kang at a small restaurant in the seaside town. There, Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there.

The Chosen One 2019

Determined to bring a Zika vaccine to the remote Pantanal, three doctors clash with a faith healer and are pulled deeper into the mysteries of his cult.

Chobits 2002

Tokyo is abuzz with persocoms – humanoid computers that are virtually perfect. The socially and technologically inept Hideki is dying to get his hands on one. When he finds Chi abandoned in the trash, she’s cuter than any current model he’s ever seen before. But when he gets her home and turns her on, she has no data and only a single learning program installed. While Hideki puts his whole heart into teaching Chi the ins and outs of humanity, a mystery unfolds as a dark secret within her awakens.

American Chopper 2003

Paul Teutul, Sr. and his son Paul Teutul, Jr. manufacture custom chopper-style motorcycles.

Chowder 2007

Chowder is an American animated television series created by C.H. Greenblatt for Cartoon Network. The series follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as an apprentice in Mung Daal's catering company. Although he means well, Chowder often finds himself in predicaments due to his perpetual appetite and his nature as a scatterbrain. He is also pestered by Panini, the apprentice of Mung's rival Endive, who wants Chowder to be her "boyfriend", which he abhors. The series is animated with both traditional animation as well as short stop motion puppet sequences that are inter-cut into the episodes, and that run over the end credits. Chowder premiered on November 2, 2007, and ran for three seasons with 49 total episodes. It garnered one Primetime Emmy Award win, six Annie Award nominations, and two additional Emmy Award nominations during its run. The series finale, "Chowder Grows Up", aired on August 7, 2010, and features C.H. Greenblatt as the voice of the adult Chowder.

Chopped 2009

A high energy, fast paced cooking competition that challenges four up-and-coming chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into an extraordinary three-course meal. After each course, a contestant gets “chopped” by our panel of esteemed culinary luminaries until the last man or woman left standing claims victory.

Manyuu Hikenchou 2011

In Edo period of Japan, a clan known as the Manyuu, with ability of a sword strike that could shrink the size of a woman's breasts. This might not seem like an ability that could rule a land, but their large breasts, denote status, wealth, fame, and influence.

Chosen 2013

Ian Mitchell is a lawyer and father who one day receives a box containing a gun and a picture of a stranger, along with instructions to kill the pictured person. He is subsequently attacked by another stranger, and discovers that he has been chosen by a mysterious organization known as The Watchers to participate in a lethal game.

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