Last Orders 2001

Jack Dodd was a London butcher who enjoyed a pint with his mates for over 50 years. When he died, he died as he lived, with a smile on his face watching a horse race on which he had bet, with borrowed money. But before he died he had a final request, 'Last Orders', that his ashes be scattered in the sea at Margate. The movie follows his mates, Ray, Lenny and Vic and his foster son Vince as they journey to the sea with the ashes. Along the way, the threads of their lives, their loves and their disappointments are woven together in their memories of Jack and his wife Amy

Orders Are Orders 1954

Movie company wants to shoot a science-fiction film using an Army barracks as location, and its soldiers as actors. Of course, the Commander doesn't like it a bit, and persuades the crew to use a nearby haunted house instead.

Doctor's Orders 1930

Alabam is lovesick. He tells Mickey how he can't get close to the girl of his dreams; he's overheard by Dave, a smooth operator, who insists that Alabam leave everything to him. He contrives to have Alabam and Mickey wreck Alabam's car in the girl's front yard, then he arrives, posing as a doctor, asking the residents of the house if they'll let the injured boy come inside while the doctor examines him. Meanwhile, Mickey gets a look at the girl's cousin and feigns injury so that now both lads are in beds upstairs while Dave, the doctor, conjures foul-tasting treatments. The fly in the ointment is the girl's crusty uncle, who may stand between the lads and their true loves.

Orders Is Orders 1934

A brash American movie producer arrives at an army base in England wanting to shoot a movie and use the soldiers as extras. The base commander doesn't want any part of it, but the producer and his secretary cook up a scheme to trick the officer into letting him use the base and its men. Their plan succeeds, but things don't turn out quite the way they were expecting.

Orders 2017

In the labyrinth of suburban America, a soldier wanders through streets not as dead and empty as they may appear. A ghost story in digital camouflage.

Doctor's Orders 1934

Leslie Fuller stars as a quack whose son qualifies as a doctor in total ignorance of his father's occupation!

Last Orders 1997

The 60-second film features six fierce samurai who rush through a post-futuristic megalopolis using the most unpredictable means of transport (including a kite!) as to make it on time for the last order at their favorite pub.

Rush Orders 1921

A typical Pollard-Morrison outing is Rush Orders (1921), in which the pair ride into town on a railroad handcar (with Morrison providing the locomotive muscle). When there it's all about the hustle for food with rivals and advertisement in the café business..

Just Orders

After the murder of a native man, an abiding operator explains the motives behind his killing in one minute.

Short Orders 1923

Stan plays a waiter at a crappy restaurant and frankly such fare was better done by Chaplin and others. However, in two cute scenes, the film shines. The first is a Limburger cheese bit that is low-brow but funny. The second is the final scene with dogs following Stan at the end.

Without Orders 1936

At Portland, Oregon, playboy pilot Len Kendrick (Vinton Haworth) lands at the end of a cross-country record flight, met by his father J.P. Kendrick (Charley Grapewin) who owns Amalgamated Air Lines. Len is a media darling, adored by fans for his daring flights. He is in love with Amalgamated stewardess Kay Armstrong (Sally Eilers) who is dating veteran pilot "Wad" Madison (Robert Armstrong). Len dates her sister Penny (Frances Sage) who learns that his hard-drinking and recklessness has caused the death of his co-pilot. Penny knows that he was drinking before the fateful flight and only escaped prosecution by bribing a bartender. She leaves Len who ends up at Amalgamated as a line pilot, being tutored by Wad.

Mistaken Orders 1925

Vincent Barton, the son of the vice-president of a railroad company, takes a job as the depot agent at Bynes. He fires one of Tony Sharkey's henchmen, scheming against the railroad, and, as a result, a fight takes place and a switching order is overlooked which nearly results in a major wreck. Realizing the situation at Hynes, Helen Barton, Vincent's sister, dashes to Hynes in her roadster and puts together a severed telegraph wire to put the station back in communications with headquarters. Meanwhile, Helen's sweetheart, Tom Lawson, is fighting with Sharkey in a run-away engine and it is headed for an open bridge over a river.

On the President's Orders 2019

The searing story of President Duterte's bloody campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines, told with unprecedented and intimate access to both sides of the war - the Manila police, and an ordinary family from the slum. Shot in the style of a thriller, this observational film combines the look and feel of a narrative feature film with a real life revelatory journalistic investigation into a campaign of killings. The film uncovers a murky world where crime, drugs and politics meet in a deathly embrace - and reveal that although the police have been publicly ordered to stop extra-judicial killings, the deaths continue.

Orders to Kill 1958

A grounded American figter pilot is switched to espionage on a special job in which he must kill a small-time Paris lawyer suspected of double-crossing France by selling out radio operators to the Nazis.

Orders of Love 2004

Worried for his son, director Jes Benstock goes on a quest to the darkest corners of his family tree - armed only with a videophone, his dad, and a therapist.

General Orders No. 9 2011

One last trip down the rabbit hole before it gets paved over. A deep geography. What is above and what is below. What came before and what will come after. Agrarian fantasies, sacrificial rites, and excavations. A story told with maps, dreams, and prayers. A map lesson in three parts. A history of the State of Georgia - or Anywhere.

Chas & Dave Last Orders 2012

Documentary which highlights cockney duo Chas & Dave's rich, unsung pedigree in the music world and a career spanning 50 years, almost the entire history of UK pop. They played with everyone from Jerry Lee Lewis to Gene Vincent, toured with The Beatles, opened for Led Zeppelin at Knebworth - and yet are known mainly just for their cheery singalongs and novelty records about snooker and Spurs. The film also looks at the pair's place among the great musical commentators on London life - and in particular the influence of music hall on their songs and lyrics. The film crew followed Chas & Dave on their final tour, having called it a day after the death of Dave's wife, and blends live concert footage with archive backstory, including some astonishing early performances and duets with the likes of Eric Clapton. Among the experts and zealous fans talking about their love of the duo are Pete Doherty, Jools Holland and Phill Jupitus. Narrated by Arthur Smith.

I'd Love to Take Orders from You 1936

Quitting time for a scarecrow. He gets home, and his little boy scares him. To the title song, he teaches his son the basics of scare-crowing. Bedtime for junior; he prays to be a big scarecrow, just like his daddy. The next morning he sneaks out before anyone else is up and practices scaring a rooster, a squirrel, and a rabbit. He takes up his father's place, but the crows are not impressed; in fact, the crow goes on the attack.

Orders 1974

A fact-based account of ordinary citizens who found themselves arrested and imprisoned without charge for weeks during the October Crisis in 1970 Quebec.

Side Orders

Helene is in love with a jerk. Jerome manipulates her like a puppet. Helene is not altogether blind to it but she's afraid to put her foot down.

Marching Orders 2018

Regarded as the nations best, Bethune-Cookman University's marching band always has a lot at stake. In Stage 13 Original MARCHING ORDERS, meet the incoming class trying to keep the legacy alive and the seniors who make sure they do. Led by band director Donovan The Devil Wells, the Wildcats take it to the field every performance, risking college scholarships and national fame every time.

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