Acts of Violence 2018

When his fiancee is kidnapped by human traffickers, Roman and his ex-military brothers set out to track her down and save her before it is too late. Along the way, Roman teams up with Avery, a cop investigating human trafficking and fighting the corrupt bureaucracy that has harmful intentions.

Miss Violence 2013

On the day of her birthday, eleven-year-old Angeliki jumps off the balcony and falls to her death with a smile on her face. While the police and Social Services try to discover the reason for this apparent suicide, Angeliki's family keep insisting that it was an accident. What is the secret that young Angeliki took with her? Why does her family persist in trying to "forget" her and to move on with its life?

In a Valley of Violence 2016

The story of a drifter named Paul who arrives in a small town seeking revenge on the thugs who murdered his friend. Sisters Mary Anne and Ellen, who run the town's hotel, help Paul in his quest for vengeance.

Act of Violence 1949

A former prisoner of war, Frank Enley is hailed as a hero in his California town. However, Frank actually aided his Nazi captors, and he closely guards this secret. Frank's shameful past comes back to visit him when fellow survivor Joe Parkson emerges, intent on making the turncoat pay for his betrayal. As Joe closes in on Frank, the traitor goes into hiding, abandoning his wife, Edith, who has no clue about her husband's wartime transgressions.

Violence 1947

Magazine writer Ann Mason infiltrates the United Defenders, a public service organization which is actually a front for racketeers. But a case of amnesia threatens to blow her cover.

Make-Out with Violence 2008

A genre-bending tale of a boy trying to fulfill his unrequited love for a girl who has risen from the dead. It tells the story of twin brothers Patrick and Carol Darling, newly graduated from high school and struggling to come to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their friend, the bright and beautiful Wendy Hearst. When a drive through the countryside surrounding their suburban community leads to the discovery of Wendy's mysteriously animated corpse, the boys secretly transport the un-dead Wendy to an empty house in hopes of somehow bringing her back to life. As the sweltering summer pushes on, they must maintain the appearance of normalcy for their friends and family as they search for ways to revive the Wendy they once knew, or, failing that, to satisfy their own quests for love amongst the living and the dead.

Video Violence 1987

A husband and wife open a video store in a new town, and come to find out that the locals only rent horror films and the "occasional triple X'er", and make their own snuff videos.

Meditation on Violence 1949

Chao-Li Chi shadow boxes indoors and practices with a sword outdoors. Theoretically, the film describes in a single continuous movement three degrees of traditional Chinese boxing, Wu-tang, Shao-lin, and Shao-lin with a sword. A long sequence of the ballet-like, sinuous Wu-tang becomes the more erratic Shao-lin; in the middle, there is an abrupt change to leaping sword movements, in the center of which, at the apogee of the leap, there is a long held freeze-frame.

The End of Violence 1997

Mike Max is a Hollywood producer who became powerful and rich thanks to brutal and bloody action films. His ignored wife Paige is close to leaving him. Suddenly Mike is kidnapped by two bandits, but escapes and hides out with his Mexican gardener's family for a while. At the same time, surveillance expert Ray Bering is looking for what happens in the city, but it is not clear what he wants. The police investigation for Max's disappearance is led by detective Doc Block, who falls in love with actress Cat who is playing in ongoing Max's production.

Private Violence 2014

One in four women experience violence in their homes. Have you ever asked, “Why doesn't she just leave?” Private Violence shatters the brutality of our logic and intimately reveals the stories of two women: Deanna Walters, who transforms from victim to survivor, and Kit Gruelle, who advocates for justice.

Incredible Violence 2018

This debut feature from Newfoundland’s G. Patrick Condon (Infanticide, Audition) is an inspired, meta take on the classic “cabin in the woods” horror trope. After squandering the money lent to him by a mysterious cinematic organization, a creatively frustrated writer / director, G. Patrick Condon, played by Stephen Oates (Frontier, Riverhead), has to take matters into his own hands by locking aspiring actress Grace (MJ Kehler) and the rest of the cast of actors in a rented house filled to the brim with security cameras and a script-spitting dot matrix printer. As time moves on, Condon slowly becomes the villain in his own movie by playing off the actor’s need to give the best performances they possibly can, while also satisfying his increasingly sinister demands; even if it kills them. Part Milgram Experiment, part A Cabin in the Woods, G. Patrick Condon’s Incredible Violence will have audiences talking for years to come.

A Day Of Violence 2010

Mitchell Parker lies dead on a morgue slab. In life, 'Mitchell' served the low ranks of Debt Collectors, surrounded by all the filth and scum that the world had to offer. He thought his luck was in, when on a routine collection he stumbles across 100,000 in cash, hidden in the sofa of one of his clients. A dark and haunting past hangs over the head of 'Mitchell Parker', one that will lead him on a journey of redemption and ultimately sacrifice. Hunted by the gang whose Money he has stolen. He must evade capture and use the money to rid himself of his demons once and for all. Witness his last days of life.

Anatomy of Violence 2016

Celebrated filmmaker Deepa Mehta investigates one of India’s most notorious crimes — the 2012 gang rape and murder of a 23-year-old woman on a Delhi bus — in her angry, impassioned and essential new film.

Video Violence 2 1987

Howard and Eli, the killers from the first Video Violence movie, are back and are now hosting their own TV show. Broadcast secretly from their basement, the show looks a the fine art of murder, letting other aspiring psychos send in videos of their handiwork for the world to enjoy. Some viewers are shocked and horrified, but many more become avid fans, clamoring for more and more blood

Violence of Action 2012

The Ghost's personal money launderer is due in town and Bojan, a ghost from Kane'e past suddenly appears on the scene. The CIA is convinced that Bojan has come to protect the money launderer.

Sex & Violence 1997

In eight minutes, animator Bill Plympton gives us 24 vignettes: seven are clearly about sex, 10 about violence, and seven others deal with human frailties, particularly the body as it ages. There are three stories of persons with confused priorities (including a guy tying his shoe while parachuting); the world's first phone sex; and a clever, if dangerous, way to find a lost key. Except for the titles of each sketch and a couple of jokes that turn on noise, these are visual trips into the psyche of men, women, God, animals, and Time (the enemy of us all).

Random Acts of Violence 2002

Hardcore gangsta Isaiah Knight decides to leave his gang, The Platinum Playaz, to go straight and look after his mother and sister. When he opens up his own nightclub, the members of his former crew see it as the perfect place to make a big drug score. Desperate to stay legit, Knight scuppers the drug deal, invoking the wrath of Lynch, the new leader of the Playaz, who decides to take revenge by ambushing Knight. Knight's mother and sister are killed during the hit and when Lynch escapes prosecution for the killings, Knight decides to exact his own form of bloody justice.

Money and violence 2014

Complex, urgent, and intensely engaging, Money and Violence is an immersive and revealing glimpse inside a brutal and little-understood subculture. Drugs, petty larceny, and casual violence.

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops

V-Day: Until the Violence Stops is a 2003 documentary film directed by Abby Epstein. It follows events marking 2002 V-Day — a grassroots movement inspired by Eve Ensler's 1996 play The Vagina Monologues. The film focuses on V-Day activities in the United States, Kenya, Croatia and the Philippines.

Infinite Emergence Sex Scandal: The Hottest Office Girl Violence 2016

As a husband who can not give birth to a child and lives only in work, Jung Ah and Hoon who keep the couple's life together. Hoon is the vice president of a promising young company, and the president is promoted soon. Another person who burns ambition under him is Sang-doo. He is an ambition to do anything for ambition. One day, Sooke and his wife Jesse, who were invited to the house of Hoon for dinner. Mr. Sang tells his wife something and goes to Hoon 's house together. Hoon went to his wife, Jesse, who came to his invitation that day, and became addicted by unknown power and eventually got physical relationship. Hoon's wife, Jung-a, who notices this, establishes a physical relationship with Shang-doo in vengeance.

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