The Ridiculous 6 2015

When his long-lost outlaw father returns, Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn goes on an adventure-filled journey across the Old West with his five brothers.

Golf: The Ridiculous Obsession

This unique documentary takes a look at a growing obsession for a number of people: golf. Going beyond those who hit the links a lot or follow the PGA tour religiously, this film tells tales of the truly obsessed. Meet a man who treats one of Arnold Palmer's divots as a pet and a woman who divorced her husband to court a lower-handicapped golfer, as well as the fanatic who, in one day alone, played courses in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Karen Rontowski: Ridiculous Me

Karen Rontowski’s fast-paced, quirky and charmingly optimistic comedy has been featured in clubs, TV, radio, and at corporate events all around the world.

Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise

Celebrity teen wizard Harvey Putter and his friends learn that they are merely characters in a best-selling book and must magically escape their world before the final chapter.

Dream of a Ridiculous Man 2008

Read this in High School. One of the few reads that really hit me and never left. I thought "I want to tell this story...but HOW ?....then I realized...the ONLY way I'm going to make it is with dolls and drawings" and I just decided I'd rather make it that way rather than not at all !! (CB)

Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man 1981

The son of the owner of a large Italian cheese factory is kidnapped, but as the factory is on the verge of bankruptcy the owner hatches a plan to use the ransom money as reinvestment in the factory.

A Ridiculous Gentleman 1969

When a noted professor receives a new treatment for his heart ailment, his outlook on life changes. Despite doctor's orders, he is determined to live out his final days on his own terms and fulfill his fantasies. He saves the life of a young woman who tries to kill herself after his recovery from heart surgery in this symbolic story of a man trying to determine his own fate in his last days alive.

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man 1992

An animated short film based on the 1877 short story written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It chronicles the experiences of a man who decides that there is nothing to live for in the world, and is therefore determined to commit suicide. A chance encounter with a young girl changes his mind.

This Is America 1977

Inspired by shock-documentaries like Mondo Cane, this film looks at the wilder side of life in America. Starting off with the bloodier side of the American car culture by showing a series of crashes at race events, the film then goes on to lesser-known sexual practices. Included among these is a porno movie award show, a nude beauty contest, a sex therapy session, and a detailed explanation of where dildos come from.

Ridiculous Cakes 2018

You'll be wowed and downright impressed—and perhaps a bit hungry for dessert—when you see showstopping creations from some of the best cake artists across the country. In place of usual layered chocolate, vanilla and red velvet beauties, these showstopping features will include a massive 500-pound replica of Earth and an upside-down chandelier. They're changing the cake game once and for all, and on Ridiculous Cakes, you'll get an insider's look at how these masterpieces are designed, created and decorated.

Ridiculousness 2011

Rob Dyrdek takes the funniest amateur internet videos and builds them into an episode of edgy, funny, and most importantly, timeless television.