Eyewitness 1981

Daryll Deever is a janitor in an office building in New York, and a big fan of TV news reporter, Tony Sokolow. When a rich man is murdered in Daryll's building, Tony comes to cover the story and Daryll introduces himself to her. Thinking he may know something about the crime, Tony pursues him, and in order to keep seeing her, he pretends that he does. As the two of them play this game, the killers are watching, assuming that Daryll and Tony both know more about the crime than they do.

Eyewitness 2017

Five years after sending a man to jail for the murder of her father and fiancé, Diana returns home to find that he has escaped from prison and has come to confront her. However, the man has not come for revenge, but rather wants her to understand that she put an innocent man away. Captive in her own home, Diana is resistant - she knows what she witnessed the night of the murder. But as time progresses, Diana starts to question what she saw that night as well as her own testimony.

911 Eyewitness 2005

Internet web-casting pioneer Richard A Siegel, of OnlineTV fame, captured both of the World Trade Towers collapsing and a lot more. See the raw footage and listen to Rick's eyewitness testimony of the daring helicopter rescue on the roof of the south tower, WTC2, only moments before it collapsed into "a pile of dust." For the first time, see and hear the massive explosions at the base of the towers causing clouds of dust to rise up from street level before each tower fell. This documentary focuses on the events recorded by Richard A. Siegel at the Hoboken pier during the September 11, 2001 destruction of the World Trade Center complex.

Eyewitness 1990

Elisa and Karl are in a department store at closing time planning to steal a shirt, but Karl has to run to retrieve the car. And in the dark, after closing, Elisa witnesses a murder. Only problem is, she's blind. And when a police officer who was protecting the witness is killed it becomes more difficult for the Commissioner. And even more complicated when his relationship with Elisa starts to become a love-hate relationship.

Sudden Terror 1970

A boy who cries wolf witnesses a political assassination on the island of Malta. But will anyone other than his granddad believe him?

Eyewitness 2015

A mother and daughter set out on a weekend river rafting retreat, only to encounter 3 escaped convicts along the way.

Eyewitnesses in Foreign Countries 1993

An authentic film-experiment in 600 takes; 3 seconds each.Of A European's private images in Africa and of an African's in Europe. A mutual perception of the one´s and the other´s native place. As a child I pictured an oasis to myself as a small lake surrounded by palms, with nothing but sand dunes around it. Only when I first visited an oasis ten years ago, did I realise that my picture was wrong. In a similar way this happened to me with almost all those exotic pictures of travel lust impressed on my mind by children's books, travel folders and motives on bank notes.I was quite surprised when I discovered pictures of snowcapped mountains including alpine huts and lakes in many cafés in North Africa.

Asabuki Riyako, Female Lawyer: The Young Eyewitness 1999

Attorney Asabuki Riyako goes to wine store in Ginza and meets a friend from college, Matsuura Ayano. Matsuura is the CEO of a wine company. The next morning, Asabuki learns from the news that Matsuura's father has died in one of the rooms at the inn.

Eyewitness 1956

When she has a fight, with her husband, Lucy runs out of the house, and into a night of terror. She heads for the local cinema, and in doing so, becomes the only eyewitness to a couple of crooks, who are robbing the cinema's safe. In her haste to escape the thieves, she is knocked down by a passing bus, and is taken to the local hospital. The two crooks follow, and wait for a chance to finish her off, and thus eliminate the only person who can tie them to the robbery.

Day of the Kamikaze 2007

Day of the Kamikaze Some called it, "enemy attrition at the lowest possible cost, without regard to human life." Entire squadrons of Japanese kamikaze pilots flew straight to their death - taking their enemies with them.

Eyewitness In Iraq 2004

If a picture paints a thousand words, what will photographs from the Second Gulf War show us? This special focuses on the embedded photographers who traveled with fighting units on the cutting edge of the armored spear slicing into Iraq. The war was thereto be captured in all its raw truth by any photographer with the guts to step out and shoot the picture. In collaboration with the Associated Press, we view never-before-seen photos that portray the horror, struggle, and endurance of mankind.

Eyewitness 1999

Documentary examining the sketches and paintings done secretly by three artists, Jan Komski, Dinah Gottliebová and Felix Nussbaum, who lived inside the walls of Nazi death camps.

Ex-Wife Killer 2017

When Josie's ex-husband Michael walks back into her life to expand their flower business, his estranged wife Laura seems determined to make Josie's life a living hell. Tensions boil over when Laura breaks into Josie's house and Michael is forced to kill her out of self-defense. Only after Josie's eyewitness testimony gets Michael off the hook for murder, does Josie realize that the entire series of events was staged by Michael as an elaborate ploy to murder Laura.

Eyewitness to Jesus 1998

Documentary that follows journalist Matthew d'Ancona as he investigates the claims of scholar Carsten Peter Thiede, who argues that the "Magdalen" papyrus, fragments of ancient texts, prove that St. Matthew wrote his gospel soon after Christ lived. The wide-ranging implications of Thiede's propositions include the belief that some gospels were based on eyewitness experiences and were not filtered through decades of revision and reflection.

Eyewitness to Murder 1989

A beautiful artist stumbles onto a murder just as the killer is leaving. After he levels a brutal blow to her head, she wakes up blind, and the only witness to the murder. Now in the frightening darkness, she must find her way through a dangerous world where killers stalk the innocent and cops are scarce. Two overworked, angry detectives are assigned to hunt down the killer, and to keep the witness safe.

End Times Eyewitness 2014

Is the return of Jesus closer than you think? What are the most powerful prophetic signs being fulfilled on the earth today? How is the new Middle East after the Arab Spring aligning with the testimony of the biblical prophets? What are the little-known prophetic signs that few are paying attention to?

Eyewitness DVD: Bird 2006

How does a bird fly? and which is the most unmusical bird and why? Bird offers a unique view of the natural history, behavior and life cycle of birds, the only creature on Earth to have developed feathers. We explore the bird's distant dinosaur past and discover the origins of bird myths and legends.

Eyewitness DVD: Rock and Mineral 2006

The Eyewitness Rock and Mineral DVD shatters the stone's reputation for "rock-solid" permanence. Discover how rocks keep a constantly changing record of our planet's fascinating history, and see how minerals are at the very core of our civilization. DVD runs 35 minutes. Also includes a special "Making of Eyewitness" feature that runs 25 minutes.

Eyewitness DVD: Insect 2006

How do insect wings work? Just how big can a bug grow? Insects are older than the dinosaurs, and outnumber people 250 million to one, but their contribution to our lives often goes unnoticed. We explore the wonders of creepie-crawlies through startling macro photography and 3D graphics and reveal the true importance of these amazing, industrious creatures.

Eyewitness 2016

Two teenage boys secretly meet up in a cabin, bear witness to a shooting and barely escape with their lives. Desperate to keep their relationship a secret and in fear of being found by the perpetrator, they remain silent but soon learn that what has been seen cannot be unseen -- and when you witness a horrible event, it changes everything.

Eyewitness 2014

Two 15 year old boys secretly meet up in the forest, only to witness a blood bath. They are seen, but escape trying to keep this as a secret, both in fear of the perpetrator and that their secret is revealed.

Eyewitness to History

Eyewitness to History was a CBS Friday night public affairs program which was initially hosted by veteran broadcaster Charles Kuralt, followed by Walter Cronkite, and Charles Collingwood. It aired from September 30, 1960 through July 26, 1963, sponsored by Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. This show concentrated on the most significant news story or stories, reviewing the events. The show's title was shortened to Eyewitness in 1961. Coincidentally, many local CBS affiliates adopted the branding "Eyewitness News" for their local newscasts in the 1960s. One of the show's producers, Av Westin, went on to become executive producer of ABC Evening News and, later, 20/20.

Eyewitness War 2013

“EyeWitness War” follows the men and women of the Army, Navy, Drug Enforcement Administration, Coast Guard and other forces as they deal with battles, drug trafficking and explosives.

Eyewitness 2010

Eyewitness was a BBC series which examined how the police investigate crimes and the techniques they use to find their way through the complex web of memory. Ten people were secretly filmed as they witnessed what they believed to be a real crime - a knife attack in a Manchester pub. But when they were later interviewed by the police, their memories were radically different to each other's and to what really happened. In an extraordinary experiment with the Greater Manchester Police, the problem of eyewitness recollection was dramatically brought into focus, alongside the remarkable techniques used by the modern police to counter our unreliable memories.

Eyewitness 1994

Each half-hour episode focuses on a single subject in the field of natural science, such as the Solar System or the various functions of the human body. The information is presented in the "Eyewitness Museum", a computer-generated science museum. Various exhibits are shown, and stock video footage is usually seen through large windows or other depressions in the wall. The book series and the show share a striking visual style making notable use of the color white. During the newly produced content (as opposed to stock footage) a background is almost never used in favor of a stark white backdrop, presumably to make the presented object stand out better. In addition, almost every episode features a "Hero". The Hero is a character or object which drives the action of the show and is continually referred back to. These include the weather-vane chicken from Weather, the claymation baby Tyrannosaurus from Dinosaur, the paper boat from Pond and River, and the robotic Human mime artist from Human Machine.

Disaster Eyewitness

Disaster Eyewitness is a TV program reviewing various disasters, produced by Raw Cut TV for Discovery Channel. It features footage recorded by mobile phones, CCTV cameras and digital cameras. The program interviews surivivors of the disasters, as well as the people who recorded the footage. Detailed computer graphics show exactly what caused the disasters. One recent disaster shown was the Enschede fireworks disaster in the eastern Dutch city of Enschede, which was caused by mishandling of 900 kg of fireworks, leading to another 177 tons of fireworks to explode. Another disaster shown was the US Airways Flight 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River after hitting a flock of Canada Geese

Ten Eyewitness Late News

Ten Eyewitness Late News is an Australian late night television news program, broadcast on Network Ten on 21 January 1991 until 30 September 2011 and revived on 4 June 2012 at 10.30pm Weeknights. Danielle Isdale hosts the bulletin with news presented by Hermione Kitson and sport presented by Brad McEwan. Unlike traditional news bulletins, the bulletin features live musical performances and guest interviews in a style similar to breakfast television

Eyewitness to History (1978) series

Eyewitness to History is an educational series of three short films, The Events, The Lifestyles, and The People, produced in 1978 by Walt Disney Educational to illustrate history with a variety of news reels. It is a live-action series.

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