Unexpected 2015

An inner-city high school teacher discovers she is pregnant at the same time as one of her most promising students and the two develop an unlikely friendship while struggling to navigate their unexpected pregnancies.

An Unexpected Love 2003

Kate Mayer seems to have it all: a nice suburban house, two loving children and a devoted husband. But Kate is anything but happy. She is disappointed not only with her marriage, but with her entire life. In her pursuit of happiness, this frustrated mother files for divorce and gets her first-ever job, working in a small real estate agency. To complicate matters, Kate finds herself strongly attracted to her kindhearted boss, Mac. The surprising twist? Mac happens to be a woman. Will Kate have the courage to risk following her heart? It's one woman's emotional journey of self-discovery.

The Unexpected Pest 1956

Sylvester Cat must catch mice or lose his happy home. When he can't find a mouse inside, he searches out of doors and comes upon one meek, little mouse who agrees under duress to be Sylvester's one rodent to catch and rough up again and again in front of his masters. But it isn't long before the mouse realizes Sylvester needs him alive and decides to stop being Sylvester's stooge.

Unexpected Guest 1947

At the reading of his late cousin's will, California learns the estate will be divied among whoever remains of the seven relatives. With one already dead, another immediately murdered, and the Lawyer telling them the ranch is almost worthless, Hoppy investigates.

Unexpected Father 1939

Jimmy Hanley learns that his former dancing partner has been killed, leaving a baby boy Sandy, so he takes the baby to live with him and his roommate Boris Bebenko. Theatre manager Allen Rand threatens to fire Jimmy for neglecting his work, but Jimmy's girlfriend Diana squares things by going to dinner with Rand over Jimmy's objections. Sandy catches measles and the quarantine causes Jimmy and Boris to miss a big audition.

Unexpected Race 2003

A young woman must live with her father who she has not seen in 15 years. While she rekindles her relationship with her father, she discovers Lythorin, an elf, lives in the forest. She finds out his people was massacred by a renegade FBI agent. She falls in love with him, but he must choose to stay or leave her by the end.

Unexpected Help 1910

John Bradley is a trusted clerk with an oil company. Enjoying a fair salary, he is comfortably fixed in a modest little village home with his wife and two small children. Starting from home in the morning he is accompanied by the two little ones, who always looked forward to each morning's scamper in the hills with pleasurable anticipation. He is met at the office door by the manager and handed a large sum of money with instructions to carry it to the bank. This is witnessed by a well-known gambler of the town, who being in hard link, resolves to get that money by hook or crook. Making a short cut across the little town, he manages to intercept John on his way to the bank, and in the course of their conversation invites him to have a drink, as it is half an hour before the bank opens. The invitation is accepted and while in the saloon the gambler tries to inveigle John into a game, but here his will serves him and he resists the fascination.

Unexpected Race 2018

A young woman named Amber is sent to live with her father who she hasn't seen in over 10 years after suffering a car accident that takes the life of her mother. As Amber is healing she discovers a man hiding in the woods that is an elf. She finds out Elves have always lived, but he is the last being a FBI agent was sent out to destroy them. As they fall in love, Lythorin must make a decision if he wants to stay with Amber or stay alone.

Unexpected Guest

An injured amnesiac woman is discovered by a reclusive mountain man in the remote wilderness, igniting a quest for lucidity that would be better left undiscovered.

Unexpected Places 2012

Raised in a broken home, Cody (Tim Torok) is a troubled man with a history of addictions and crime. While Cody serves time in the county jail, his mother, Pam (Penny Carlisi), begins to question her faith as she suffers constant grief from watching Cody's poor choices. Then, with the support of her prayer group, she realizes that only God can heal her pain, restore her faith, and save her son.

Unexpected Growth 2018

Tamiko Thiel’s Unexpected Growth uses augmented reality (AR)—the overlay of virtual elements onto physical reality—to create a parallel dimension of organic growth for the Whitney’s Floor 6 outdoor gallery. Thiel’s virtual growth consists of plastic refuse and coral-like formations, and offers a playful yet ominous glimpse of a future where sea levels have risen to dangerous levels and ecosystems are irreversibly contaminated. Over the course of each day visitors experiencing the work stimulate the corals’ growth, but once the number of viewers exceeds a certain threshold the accumulated exposure bleaches the formations and causes them to die off. After a lengthy period of overnight rest, the growths are restored to their original vibrancy.

Unexpected Riches 1942

Weighing themselves on a penny machine, the Our Gang kids receive a fortune card predicting that they will receive "unexpected riches." Acting upon this, the kids decide to dig for buried treasure, using a fradulent map provided by one of their wise-guy acquaintances.

Unexpected Discoveries 2017

A young fellow finds himself stumbling upon an ordinary flashlight that allows him to explore other places. Unexpected Discoveries reminds us to always be present. You never know what is around the corner or what is directly in front of you.

The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax 1999

When her doctor recommends that a widow pursue her unfulfilled life ambitions, he doesn't realize that she has always wanted to be a spy. Sending a letter to her congressman gets her an interview with the CIA and accidentally gets her an assignment to Morocco for a supposed easy task of picking up an encrypted code book. When the agency realizes their mistake, they send a super-agent to watch over her. Both are taken prisoner and the real agent is injured, leaving Mrs. Pollifax to use her considerable wits to help them escape and to save the day.

Life Unexpected 2010

Life Unexpected is a coming-of-age family drama that centers around 16-year-old Lux, who was given up for adoption at birth but never adopted. When she is put back into the custody of her estranged-since-high-school birth parents, Cate and Baze, the three form an unlikely family.

Tales of the Unexpected 1979

Tales of the Unexpected is a British television series which aired between 1979 and 1988. Each episode told a story, often with sinister and wryly comedic undertones, with an unexpected twist ending. Early episodes were based on short stories by Roald Dahl collected in the books Tales of the Unexpected, Kiss Kiss and Someone Like You. The series was made by Anglia Television for ITV with interior scenes recorded at their Norwich studios whilst location filming mainly occurred across East Anglia. The theme music for the series was written by composer Ron Grainer. Although similar in theme and title, the show is not related to the American anthology television series, Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected, which ran for one season in 1977.

Unexpected 2017

A raw look at three teenage pregnancies and the effects it has on their families as everyone prepares for the arrival of the babies.

Unexpected Heroes 2017

“Unexpected Heroes” is a fantasy web drama that tells the story of three high school students who receive super powers after their respective organ transplants and then use their powers to solve suspicious cases. It is being supported by the Center for Disease Control Organ Transplant Management Center to raise awareness for organ and human tissue donations.

Unexpected Q 2018

The show will quiz its hosts and guests in unexpected situations and conditions.

Tales of the Unexpected 2014

Tales of the Unexpected is a new strand of provocative, confronting and thoroughly entertaining science documentaries. Each episode reveals a fascinating, sometimes awkward, and frequently unsettling world where peculiar ideas are put to the test. Come with us to where nothing is quite as it seems, where diseases are diagnosed by palm-readers, where paternity uncertainty drives the mating game, and where breasts are a toxic health hazard.

Bronies 2 - More Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony 2014

Bronies are a vast, diverse subculture. Every day, more friendships are born, more struggles are overcome, and more unshakeable bonds are formed. For each brony, there’s another unique journey and another story to be told. This documentary anthology uncovers more of the compelling experiences undertaken by the men and women who have come together from across the globe to celebrate their shared love for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Unexpected 2018

A manga artist, He Jie has entered into his own manga “Crystal Love” and he must complete the mission of saving the evil second female lead, turning her into a better person before he can return back to the real world. He ended up having to keep on filling up the loopholes of his own manga again and again, forming a funny lovestory.

Unexpected 2018

A manga artist, He Jie has entered into his own manga “Crystal Love” and he must complete the mission of saving the evil second female lead, turning her into a better person before he can return back to the real world. He ended up having to keep on filling up the loopholes of his own manga again and again, forming a funny lovestory.

Unexpected Life 2018

Four 29-year-old men are at the crossroads of their lives. What choices and decisions do they have to live with and what lies ahead for them?

My Husband Got a Family 2012

My Husband Got a Family centers on a working woman named Cha Yoon-hee as her husband, who was put up for international adoption, reunites with his biological parents. Yoon-hee faces the unexpected burden of having to build a relationship with her new-found in-laws.

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America 2006

10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America is a ten-hour, ten-part television miniseries that aired on the History Channel from April 9 through April 14, 2006. The material was later adapted and published as a book by the same title.

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