Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood 2003

When Emily Woodrow and her friends happen on a treasure chest full of gold coins, they fail to to heed the warnings of a wise old psychic who had foretold that they would encounter trouble with a very nasty and protective Leprechaun.

Tha Eastsidaz 2000

Snap, Crackle, and Pop are top dogs in the Eastsidaz gang in Long Beach. Pop, also known as Killa, is the alpha dog. He has Crackle and Snap set up a big drug deal that's going to put him on easy street. But Crackle and Snap have their own agenda: they kill the suppliers, take a suitcase of money, and set up Killa to take the fall. Stuck in the state pen in Chino, Killa has his gang figure out what really happened while he hatches an escape plan. Meanwhile, Crackle has kidnaped Killa's sweetie, Booboo, and the government has confiscated his assets. Can Killa Pop escape Chino, rescue Booboo, exact revenge, find the loot, and elude the police? Written by

Snow on tha Bluff 2011

When Curtis Snow steals a video camera from some college kids during a dope deal, he gives the camera to his best friend, Pancho, and they start documenting their lives. At first its business as usual for Curtis. He robs dope boys, he runs from the cops, he sells drugs, all while trying to provide for his two-year-old son. But when one of the dealers he ripped off comes for revenge, Curt’s life starts to spiral out of control.

Ekk Deewana Tha 2012

Sachin is an engineering graduate from a middle class Mumbai family, but his passion is for the world of cinema. He is dreaming and planning for a future as a director, when he sees Jessie. It is love at first sight for Sachin. However, Jessie is from a strict Malayali Christian family, and her parents would never approve of their romance. The other problem is Jessie insists that she doesn't want a romantic relationship, but wants only to be friends. Of all the girls in the world why did Sachin have to fall for Jessie?

Tha Crib 2004

Toyia Moore, Saafir, Carl Washington and Bailey Brown star in this coming-of-age comedy about 18-year-old Valerie, whose parents leave the house in her care while they enjoy a much-needed vacation. What does Valerie do with the enormous responsibility bestowed upon her? Throw a huge party, of course! After all, it is her birthday. But as expected, disaster strikes. Can she get it together before mom and dad get back?

Tha Westside

Get an inside, in-depth look at the West Coast rap scene -- from its early days on the streets of Compton to its eventual appearance on the pop charts and presence in the mainstream music industry. Some of the genre's biggest stars -- including Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and many others -- provide insight in exclusive interviews and rare footage. Todd Williams directs this comprehensive documentary.

Tha Sistahood

Inspired by actual events, get ready to go behind the letters of one of the most powerful sororities! When Alexis thomspons gets accepted to college on a four year scholarship, she is determined to pledge AAK and become a sorority girl like her mother. But as she starts to learn what it means to be a pledge and understands the secrets and the frightening process, it quickly becomes clear that some people are willing to do anything to belong... Written by Black Adonis Productions

Livin' tha Life 2003

Two friends, Jamal and Peanut go through their daily routines in Compton. The two inadvertently apprehend a thief who was breaking into Jamal's house but then the thief drops dead in front of them.

Thaka Thimi Tha 2005

Ankitha ( Gayu ) and Yuva Krishna fall in love with each other in college. But when Yuva tells his friends about being close to Gayu and describes her, she gets angry and they split apart. After finishing college, Gayu's family stays in a house opposite to that of Yuva. Their families get to know about their earlier love and try to rejoin them . The rest of the story is how Gayu gets convinced.

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha 1998

Sanjana loves Rahul, but Rahul treats Sanjana as a friend. He is attracted to Nisha, and announces that he will be marrying her soon. Sanjana does not take kindly to this, and in her heart hopes to make Rahul change his mind. She hires Shekhar to be her lover/boyfriend, and go out with her, so as to make Rahul jealous. This does not work, Rahul is drawn even closer to Nisha, and Shekhar finds himself falling in love with Sanjana. Sanjana finds herself getting attracted to Shekhar, only to find out that the police, especially Inspector Khan, would like to arrest Shekhar for criminal activities

Ek Tha Raja 1996

Film about a family separated by unfortunate circumstances.

Usne Kaha Tha 1960

Nandu lives in a small town with his widowed mom, Paro. He is friendly with two young girls, Farida and Kamli. He is depressed when Kamli's dad becomes ill and she and her mom re-locate to Ambala. Years later, Farida and Nandu have grown up and continue to be friends. Then they get the news that Kamli's dad has passed away, and they are to return back. Initially they do not recognize each other, but when they do, both fall in love and want to marry. When Paro goes to meet with Kamli's maternal uncle, she is shunned, humiliated because they are poor and Nandu is unemployed, & considered a trouble-maker.

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Ek Deewaana Tha

Ek Deewaana Tha - Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of Sharanya who wakes up from a coma after a period of two years. Her recovery comes at the cost of her suffering from amnesia because of which she is unable to recall her relationship with Vyom, the man she was going to marry. Sharanya and Vyom rediscover their love for each other and decide to get married. However, their marriage faces obstacles at each step. As they battle through these barriers they discover that these are not random acts but the acts of a ghost a ghost who Sharanya recognizes to be that of Shiv. Will Sharanya and Vyom conquer this supernatural force or is there something more?

Tha Block: Vol. 2

Delivering interviews, concert footage, music videos and loads of other exclusive content, this Los Angeles-based, bimonthly video magazine offers viewers a behind-the-scenes pass to the world of hip-hop. Volume 2 introduces Lil' E -- son of the legendary Eazy E -- as he's about to embark on a recording career. Also included are interviews with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and UFC's Tito Ortiz, plus music videos by Crooked I and Lil' Rob.

JC in tha Hood 2008

JC IN THE HOOD is a story of religious redemption, following four lost souls in the inner city of Los Angeles. A prostitute, a ganbanger, an alcoholic, and a drug addict are all in need of spiritual guidance from big brother Jesus Christ. JC roams the hood unnoticed but ever present. All four people are eventually given a second chance to reddem themselves by accepting God into their everyday lives. JC; An uplifting story of hope and redemption proposing that everyone deserves a second chance to find and worhip God.

Woh Tera Naam Tha 2003

Indian film starring Arjan Bajwa, Rajat Bedi and Gaurav Chanana

Treasure n tha Hood 2005

In this frantic urban comedy, a pair of crooks whose ambitions outweigh their good sense steal a million dollars from a New Orleans crime boss, who soon catches up with the thieves and has them killed. However, before they were rubbed out, the robbers hid the loot in an abandoned building. A few years later, the building is torn down to make room for a housing project, and the money is never found. Twenty years later, sometime college student Deion (Andrae Noel) thinks he may have figured out where the money is hidden, but he makes the mistake of sharing his theory with his Uncle Willie (Reynaldo Rey). Soon, Willie has told everyone in the neighborhood about Deion's scheme, and the race is on to see who can find the loot first.

HipHop Story: Tha Movie 2001

Various hip-hop artist think back and talk about the ghetto life, PAC shakur and there favorite occupations. Also a featured live performance.

Hip Hop Story: Tha Movie 2015

The story of the aftermath of the murder of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. - deals with the triumphs and tribulations of Hip Hop. Tales of legendary gangster rapper Eazy E and the movement to unify Hip Hop.Performances and interviews with Snoop Dogg, KRS-ONE, Master P, and many more

Ek Deewaana Tha 2017

Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of Sharanya who wakes up from a coma after a period of two years. Her recovery comes at the cost of her suffering from amnesia because of which she is unable to recall her relationship with Vyom, the man she was going to marry. Sharanya and Vyom rediscover their love for each other and decide to get married. However, their marriage faces obstacles at each step. As they battle through these barriers they discover that these are not random acts but the acts of a ghost a ghost who Sharanya recognizes to be that of Shiv. Will Sharanya and Vyom conquer this supernatural force or is there something more?

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 2019

Set in Jhansi, a land where Rani Laxmi Bai fought for her kingdom, comes this emotional story of two sisters. When it about to protecting their pride, an otherwise docile Rani rises up against Rivaaj, the modern day Raavan.

Ek Safar Aisa Kabhi Socha Na Tha

Ek Safar Aisa Kabhi Socha Na Tha was a Hindi-language television series on Indian general entertainment channel, Sony TV. It premiered on February 9, 2009 aired every Monday through Thursday at 9:30pm IST. The series was produced by Rashmi Sharma of Sunrise Telefilms, and the story is written by Virendra Shahaney.

Ti Psychi Tha Paradoseis Mori?

Ti Psychi Tha Paradoseis Mori? is a Greek black comedy series created by Alexandros Rigas and Dimitris Apostolou which aired on Mega Channel on 2000 and lasted only 6 episodes. The series focuses on the lives of four women who want to take revenge from the man who sexually abused them when they were little girls. Despite the fact that Ti Psychi Tha Paradoseis Mori? draw extremely high ratings from its beginning, the shootings were abruptly interrupted during the production of the 7th episode, which was never completed, leading to the series cancellation.

That '70s Show 1998

Crank up the 8-track and flash back to a time when platform shoes and puka shells were all the rage in this hilarious retro-sitcom. For Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Donna and Fez, a group of high school teens who spend most of their time hanging out in Eric’s basement, life in the ‘70s isn’t always so groovy. But between trying to figure out the meaning of life, avoiding their parents, and dealing with out-of-control hormones, they’ve learned one thing for sure: they’ll always get by with a little help from their friends.

Wanna bet, that..? 1981

Wetten, dass..? was a long-running German-language entertainment television show. It is the most successful Saturday television show in Europe. Its format was the basis for the British show You Bet! and the American show Wanna Bet?. The shows were broadcast live six to seven times a year from different cities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. There have also been seven open-air summer shows, broadcast from Amphitheatre Xanten, Plaça de Toros de Palma de Mallorca, Disneyland Paris, Waldbühne Berlin, and Aspendos Roman Theatre. Each of the shows, which were shown without commercial interruption, were usually scheduled to last for about two hours, but it was not uncommon for a show to run as much as 45 minutes longer.

Darker than Black 2007

Ten years ago, a mysterious spatial anomaly now known as "Heaven's Gate" appeared in South America, shortly followed by the opening of "Hell's Gate" in Tokyo altering the sky and wreaking havoc on the landscape. The real stars disappeared, replaced by false stars. During this time, people possessing various special abilities — called "Contractors" — emerged, each capable of different supernatural feats. Following the disastrous Heaven's War, the United States lost its dominant position as a superpower to a mysterious organization named the Syndicate. The story revolves around a Chinese contractor codenamed "Hei" as he undertakes various espionage and assassination missions in Tokyo.

Gotham 2014

Before there was Batman, there was GOTHAM. Everyone knows the name Commissioner Gordon. He is one of the crime world's greatest foes, a man whose reputation is synonymous with law and order. But what is known of Gordon's story and his rise from rookie detective to Police Commissioner? What did it take to navigate the multiple layers of corruption that secretly ruled Gotham City, the spawning ground of the world's most iconic villains? And what circumstances created them – the larger-than-life personas who would become Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker?

All That 1994

The new kids of comedy bring the funny as All That, America’s #1 kid’s sketch comedy show, returns with a new cast and a few familiar faces. From Executive Producers Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.

Dupur Thakurpo 2017

A simple village girl - or a bombshell in disguise? Phulwa is the new Boudi in town, and she's here to keep them awake all night!

Humsafar 2011

Ashar and Khirad are forced to get married due to desperate circumstances. Sara is Ashar's childhood friend and believed she would marry Ashar. Khirad is caught within this love-triangle with other internal and external forces at play.

Better Than Us 2018

Moscow in a not so distant future where human beings share their daily lives with robots. Georgy, a forensic who has a robot assistant, suddenly finds himself caught up in the first murder committed by a new kind of experimental humanoid.

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