Program 2003

Cis and Duo discuss leaving the real world while during a samurai sword fight. Part of the Animatrix collection of animated shorts set in the Matrix universe.

Princess Protection Program 2009

When an evil dictator threatens to take over the kingdom, Princess Rosalinda gets put into the Princess Protection Program. She is taken under the wing of General Joe Mason, an agent from the agency, and his daughter, Carter, who works after school at a nearby bait shop. Rosalinda goes undercover as a regular teen named, Rosie with the help of Carter. In turn, Rosalinda helps Carter overcome insecurities with herself and her crush on Donny who also likes her but can't tell or get shy.

The Program 2015

An Irish sports journalist becomes convinced that Lance Armstrong's performances during the Tour de France victories are fueled by banned substances. With this conviction, he starts hunting for evidence that will expose Armstrong.

The Program 1993

Several players from different backgrounds try to cope with the pressures of playing football at a major university. Each deals with the pressure differently, some turn to drinking, others to drugs, and some to studying.

The Program 2012

Filmmaker Laura Poitras profiles William Binney, a 32-year veteran of the National Security Agency who helped design a top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans' personal data.

The Fanimatrix: Run Program 2003

Imitation is the Sincerest form of flattery. A short film written in the prison world of the Matrix our heroes Dante and Medusa undertake a mission. called Run Program, using classic bait and switch tactics. Of course nothing ever goes right when an Agent gets involved...

Pataliro! Stardust Program 1983

A series of diamond robberies have taken place all over the world. When Malynera's reserves are also emptied, Patalliro and Bancoran head to Japan following a clue in the form of a mechanical spider found on the scene. However, while they're interrogating a suspect, he's assassinated before they manage to get any more information from him than the name of an organization, "Tarantella". Furthermore, the assassin seems to be Bancoran's former lover Bjorn, who's supposed to be dead! Is he really alive and involved in the case? Can our heroes find out more about him and the mysterious organization in time to put a stop to their plans?

Cine-Songs Program 1969

Six films in one reel: The Reticule of Love; The Recurring Dream; Aristotle; Malevitch at the Guggenheim; Silently, Bearing Totem of a Bird; Ives House: Woodstock.

A Hot Dog Program 1999

Enjoy an all-American celebration of what may be the country's most popular fast food. From Connecticut to South Carolina to California, Rick Sebak visits some of the nation's coolest hot dog places, taking viewers inside a giant hot dog-shaped building, stopping at some crazy late-night stands, and looking at how hot dogs are made. Wonder how and when hot dogs became so popular-or what toppings are tops these days? Tune in and find out.

Prvi Program 1978

Structural film by Ivak Faktor, an exploration of the meta-medial potential of television.

Trash Program 1963

The lead character is a garbage man whose wife doesn't appreciate him especially since she ends up constantly washing all the clothes! So he goes to school to become a better class trash man but the wife still doesn't appreciate him since he even smells worse. So he becomes a captain which impresses her enough that she goes with him on a boat. Guess what kind of boat that turns out to be?

The Brain Fitness Program 2008

The Brain Fitness Program is based on the brains ability to change and adapt, even rewire itself. In the past two years, a team of scientists has developed computer-based stimulus sets that drive beneficial chemical, physical and functional changes in the brain. Dr. Michael Merzenich of the University of California and his colleagues share their scientifically based set of brain exercises in this life-altering program. Peter Coyote narrates.

The Old Negro Space Program 2004

The suppressed history of America's Black space program, in mockumentary form broadly satirizing Ken Burns and histories of the Negro Baseball Leagues.

The Mama Cass Television Program 1969

"Mama" Cass Elliott of 1960s vocal group The Mamas and the Papas stars in this television variety special, performing comic sketches with Buddy Hackett and other Hollywood stars and singing solo versions of hit songs such as "California Dreamin'." Filmed in 1969 as a pilot for a series that never came to pass, this groovy, fun-filled show also features performances from other '60s music icons: Joni Mitchell, Mary Travers and John Sebastian.

School of the Soldier - Program I 1996

The one (actually two) and only program(s) for the Civil War Reenactor, and anyone who wants to know how soldiers were trained for the campaigns and battles in the War Between the States. This program has been purchased for National Park Service staff and volunteers, by museums and historic places for instruction on small arms firing, and by top-quality units who reenact the Civil War. Filmed at Petersburg National Battlefield, and historic Fort Mackinac, in Michigan, this is the only in-depth study of the army’s training manuals, with special attention paid to the variants that each side used for different units.

School of the Soldier - Program II 1996

The one (actually two) and only program(s) for the Civil War Reenactor, and anyone who wants to know how soldiers were trained for the campaigns and battles in the War Between the States. This program has been purchased for National Park Service staff and volunteers, by museums and historic places for instruction on small arms firing, and by top-quality units who reenact the Civil War. Filmed at Petersburg National Battlefield, and historic Fort Mackinac, in Michigan, this is the only in-depth study of the army’s training manuals, with special attention paid to the variants that each side used for different units.

Test Department: Program for Progress

The genius of Test Department is the band's ability to harness the musical power in otherwise ordinary objects such as scrap metal, wood and carpentry paraphernalia. This video also exhibits their amazing vision, which they've displayed before by taking tracks from their album "Program for Progress" and building films around them, all showcased in this unique collection. Songs include "Cold Witness," "Total State Machine" and "Inheritance."

The Sarah Silverman Program 2007

Sarah Silverman plays a character named Sarah Silverman, whose absurd daily life unfolds in scripted scenes and songs. With her sister and her gay neighbors by her side, Sarah always manages to fall into unique, unsettling and downright weird predicaments.

Program X

Program X is a Canadian anthology television series which aired on CBC Television from 1970 to 1973.

Program Playhouse

Program Playhouse was an anthology television series aired on the DuMont Television Network on Wednesdays from June 22 to September 14, 1949. The first program starred Ernest Truex as Caspar Milquetoast in The Timid Soul.

The Goddamn George Liquor Program

The Goddamn George Liquor Program is a 1997 Adobe Flash cartoon series created by John Kricfalusi and starring the animated George Liquor. Liquor was spun out to his own web-based cartoon during the days when the Spümcø studio had an online presence. Michael Pataki voiced Liquor in the series. Spümcø produced eight one-minute shorts. Premiering on October 15, 1997, The Goddamn George Liquor Program was the first cartoon series to be produced exclusively for the internet. George appeared on the series with his nephew, Jimmy The Idiot Boy; Jimmy's cousins, Slab and Ernie; Jimmy's love interest, Sody Pop; and George and Jimmy's pet dog, Dirty Dog. Without the control of a network, the series could be made as Kricfalusi wanted. The Goddamn George Liquor Program won the 1999 Annie Award for "Outstanding Achievement in an Animated Interactive Production." Later the show was being developed as a series of cartoon commercials for Pontiac Vibe. The new series remained unreleased after General Motors discontinued the Pontiac Vibe auto line in 2009.

The Electric Company 1971

The Electric Company is an educational American children's television series that was produced by the Children's Television Workshop for PBS in the United States. PBS broadcast 780 episodes over the course of its six seasons from October 25, 1971 to April 15, 1977. After it ceased production that year, the program continued in reruns from 1977 to 1985, the result of a decision made in 1975 to produce two final seasons for perpetual use. CTW produced the show at Teletape Studios Second Stage in Manhattan, the first home of Sesame Street. The Electric Company employed sketch comedy and other devices to provide an entertaining program to help elementary school children develop their grammar and reading skills. It was intended for children who had graduated from CTW's flagship program, Sesame Street. Appropriately, the humor was more mature than what was seen there.

The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) 1998

The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) is an Australian sketch comedy TV series hosted by Shaun Micallef, and written by Micallef and Gary McCaffrie, that ran from 1998 to 2001 on ABC TV. It was known as The Micallef Program in its first series, The Micallef Programme in its second series and The Micallef Pogram in its third series. The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) is an umbrella title used for the DVD releases.

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