A Trip to the Moon 1917

Happy speaks with someone in the park and takes a trip to the moon on a rocket that looks like the front half of a current racing car, where he is made king of the moon. A ballerina does a shimmy and Our Hero winds up back in the park being accosted by a cop. The inference is that he has fallen asleep and dreamed the entire trip.

A Trip to the Moon 1902

Professor Barbenfouillis and five of his colleagues from the Academy of Astronomy travel to the Moon aboard a rocket propelled by a giant cannon. Once on the lunar surface, the bold explorers face the many perils hidden in the caves of the mysterious satellite.

A Trip to the Moon 2017

At fourteen years of age, Tomás is entering adolescence, that time in your life in which not only do you have to face physical and emotional changes, but in which there are also memories that start taking more traumatic forms. That is why he continuously visits a psychiatrist, why he acts a bit weird. He is a bit of a hermit, bearing, as much as he can, the extreme normalcy of his family, who are dying for summer to arrive so they can go to a time share at the beach, while Tomás wants to escape… to the moon.

Sailor Moon 1992

One day, Usagi Tsukino, clumsy 2nd-year middle school student (8th grader), stumbles upon a talking cat named Luna. Luna tells her that she is destined to be Sailor Moon, "champion of love and justice", and she must search for the fabled Moon Princess. Usagi finds friends that turn out to be destined senshi as well, and together they fight to save the world from the certain doom brought upon by the Dark Kingdom (Queen Beryl, the generals, Metallia).

Comanche Moon 2008

Comanche Moon is a television miniseries that is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. It aired on CBS beginning Sunday, January 13, and continuing Tuesday, January 15, and Wednesday, January 16, 2008. It is a prequel to the original Lonesome Dove miniseries.

Jupiter Moon 1990

Jupiter Moon was a science fiction television series first broadcast by British Satellite Broadcasting's Galaxy Channel from 26 March 1990 until December the same year. 150 episodes were commissioned, but only the first 108 were broadcast by BSB. It was commissioned to fulfill the perceived need for a soap opera in BSB's line-up and, as such, it was shown three times a week, with an omnibus edition at weekends. The series was curtailed owing to the merger between BSB and Sky Television plc and the subsequent cessation of the Galaxy Channel, although the later episodes were eventually shown in the UK on the Sci Fi Channel between 22 January and 19 February 1996. The soap was screened on GBC TV ahead of its premiere on BSB's own Galaxy channel. The soap was seen in the British Overseas Territory every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 730pm, having taken the slot formerly occupied by Eastenders which had become too expensive for GBC TV.

Blue Moon 2016

Justine Laurier, an ex-Canadian soldier, just inherited her father's shares of Blue Moon, a security company that carries out sensitive operations for the Canadian government. While Justine discovers what Blue Moon is all about, she receives troubling information regarding the death of her father. Alone, she must find the truth in a universe of lies.

Apollo's New Moon 2019

This extraordinary film features NASA film footage enhanced by AI-based software and other digital processing. The clarity of the images gives viewers a whole new perspective on what it was like to step onto lunar soil and ramble about the alien landscapes. The film shows how teams of astronauts collected evidence that has revolutionized our understanding of the origin of both Earth and the moon.

Paper Moon 1974

Paper Moon is a short-lived situation comedy which aired on ABC during the fall of 1974, starring Christopher Connelly and Jodie Foster in the roles of Moses Pray and his presumed daughter, Addie. The series is based on the 1973 Peter Bogdanovich film of the same name starring Ryan O'Neal and real-life daughter Tatum O'Neal, which was based on Joe David Brown's 1971 novel entitled Addie Pray.

Shine on Harvey Moon 1982

Shine on Harvey Moon! is a British comedy-drama series made by Central Television for ITV from 8 January 1982 to 23 August 1985 and briefly revived in 1995 by Meridian. This generally light-hearted series was created by comedy writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. The series is set in the East End of London shortly after the Second World War. Upon being demobbed RAF serviceman Harvey Moon, played by Kenneth Cranham, returns home and finds his family involved in various troubles. His wife Rita, played by Maggie Steed, is not interested in resuming their relationship, and works in a seedy nightclub frequented by American servicemen. He becomes involved with the Labour Party and the union movement. The name of the series is a wordplay on the title of the popular 1908 song 'Shine On, Harvest Moon'. The first series was commissioned and recorded by ATV at their Elstree studios with the remaining series filmed at newly constructed facilities in Nottingham.

Moon TV 2006

Moon TV is a New Zealand television comedy show. It is produced by Leigh Hart. In 2006 the show received NZD$176,324 in funding from New Zealand On Air for six half-hour episodes, to screen on TV2. The show has run for five seasons, all available for purchase on DVD. The sixth season began on 25 August 2010.

MoonPhase 2004

Paranormal photographer Kouhei stumbles into the arms of Hazuki, a vampire beauty who has waited for years to be freed from a forgotten castle. Unwilling to part with her unwitting hero, the petite vamp follows Kouhei home and starts causing trouble. But domestic disorder is the least of Kouhei’s problems. With dark forces gathering, he’s about to enter a world he can’t begin to comprehend!

Button Moon 1980

Button Moon is a quirky, popular children's television programme broadcast in the United Kingdom in the 1980s on the ITV Network. Thames Television produced each episode, which lasted ten minutes and featured the adventures of Mr. Spoon who, in each episode, travels to Button Moon in his homemade rocket-ship. All of the characters within the show are based on kitchen utensils, as well as many of the props. Once on Button Moon, which hangs in "blanket sky", they have an adventure, and look through Mr. Spoon's telescope at someone else such as the Hare and the Tortoise, before heading back to their home on 'Junk Planet'. Episodes also include Mr. Spoon's wife, "Mrs. Spoon", their daughter, "Tina Tea-Spoon" and her friend "Eggbert". The series ended in 1988 after 91 episodes.

Qin's Moon

Qin's Moon, aka The Legend of Qin is a CG Chinese animated TV series. The story is based on the novel of the same name by Taiwanese writer and entrepreneur Wen Shiren. It is China's first 3D wuxia animation, produced by Hangzhou Xuanji Science & Technology Information Corporation in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The title means "The bright moon of Qin Era", quoted from a famous poem. Here it also contains the names of the two heroes. Ming is the hero Tianming, Yue is the heroine Yue-er. This TV series was broadcast around Chinese New Year in 2007. The background of this TV series is begin from the building of the first Chinese empire: Qin to the end of the Capital of Qin which named XianYang been compromised by the soldiers from Chu. The span of this series is 30 years. It shows a juvenile named Tianming, who has the blood of heroes, grew up to a hero, as well as changed the development of the history with his ability. It is an inspirational TV series which combines martial arts, fantasy, history together with each other, and leads the audience to witness the surging, magnificent and beautiful ancient Chinese world two thousand years ago.

Moon and Son 1992

Moon and Son is a BBC TV series made in 1992.

Moon Shot 2016

A nine-part documentary Web series about the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP).

German Moon 2020

It's the year 1950, when sleepy rural Huntsville, Alabama, was overwhelmed by a wave of immigration: A convoy of busses with 118 German families on board cross the Tennessee River. Most of them don't speak English. The Germans, part of the technological elite of the fallen Nazi regime, are supposed to build ballistic missiles for the US army – under the supervision of the CIA. They are outsiders trying to adjust to a foreign culture and servants of a demanding administration, who are giving them an opportunity to shed their past in exchange of their invaluable knowledge. But Wernher von Braun and his scientists have different plans: instead of building missiles they plan secretly the first manned misson to the moon.

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