The Porch

The Porch

Welcome, Friends!

“Polar bears in my neighborhood!”

I took these pictures this morning less than two miles from my house! (I should probably mention that we were at the zoo.) It’s a myth that polar bears roam all over Alaska. They generally stick to the northern coastal regions and never venture as far south as Anchorage.

Polar Bear in Zoo 2

We were at the zoo Saturday so my son could compete in a fun run for kids. It snowed hard the entire time we were there. I can’t believe it’s May and winter’s still hanging on.

If you ever get the chance to visit our state, make sure you get to the zoo. It’s not on the scale of the Hamburg or San Diego Zoo, but it gives the visitor a great glimpse of our native species.

Teko Heat at Zoo Fun Run

By the way, the tripod is still up on the Tanana River! See here: Nenana Ice Classic Webcam

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  • ProudAmerican247

    Love the polar bear pic, Chuck! Hope your son had a good run!
    Yeah, I hear ya about spring. Last Thursday we got over 9″ of snow here in Wisconsin. That was May 2nd! We want spring already!! Have a good day.

    • chuckjr

      I can’t believe you’re still getting snow, too!

      Say hello to your fellow Cheeseheads down there.

      “Go Pack, Go!”

      • ProudAmerican247

        Will do.
        (Just for the record, my sister lives an hour north of me and they got 17 inches!!) That’s what she gets for livin’ there! 😉 The good news is it all melted already so I think we’re good now….hopefully. lol
        “Go Pack, Go!”

        • MaMcGriz


          That’s just WRONG!!! lol


          don’t mind me it’s just the cabin fever

    • MaMcGriz


  • virginiagentleman1

    Did ya empty the river of its gold Chuck? lol! More family annos and special occasions coming up ya know!

    We have had nearly non-stop rain showers here in Virginia, and the temps stay in the 55 to 60 degree range. Thankfully it isn’t cold here, else we would be looking kinda like your beloved Alaska!

    I have quite a bit of wood stored in the barn and am SERIOUSLY thinking about building an ARK! But I haven’t worked out the animals ‘two by two’ problem yet. The Black Bears are all snarlly and have bad attitudes, the birds are flighty, the deer stay deep in the woods, and all the squirrels want to do is play with their nuts!

    SIGH! Whats an ark/boat builder to do?

    • chuckjr

      Hi VG! I hope to be hitting the creeks in three weeks. I’ll keep you updated.

      Good luck with your ark. Sounds like you’ve got some pretty bored squirrels in your area:)

  • indemind

    Morning Chuck…. The first real paying job I had… I was a vender at The Bronx Zoo…. Happy Days 🙂

  • Lynda

    Looks like you all might not have much of a summer… we have been in the 40-60s , one night they broke a record in the Hill Country for this time of the year…but before long it will be in the 100s so we need to enjoy it while we can…

  • Still snowing!!?? Wow! Do what I do and tell Al Gore to “Kiss My Grits”!…(well in my mind I tell him that…especially when I have to shovel all his global warming!)

  • c4pfan

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • c4pfan

    Hoping the mothers in the Heath/Palin family a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!

  • CoolChange80

    Chuck , Greta Van Susteren lied about Sarah Palin and her political career. It is time you and Sarah Palin call Greta out. Greta Van Susteren is liar like all the other phonies that turned on Sarah Palin at FoxNews.

  • slpence

    Hi Chuck,
    We enjoy reading your posts. Hope your Dad is doing well. He’s in our prayers.

  • virginiagentleman1

    Hello Chuck! Today is June 18th, 2013. It has been a while since we last talked here. Will you ever be returning to this site of yours?
    Anyway, I know you will pick this missive up through Disqus. How is the Poppa Grizzly doing since his surgery? If he is like me, he is still ticked off at how limited his life has become! As time passes he will regain a good measure of his former energy, but not all of it. My ICD has helped greatly with my energy level. If his cardiologists tell him he should have one implanted, urge him to do so. It is a fairly simple surgery and usually just a one or two day stay in the hospital. The effects of the ICD are apparent pretty much from the time it goes online!

    Your Dad is eleven years older then I am, Chuck. The ICD will benefit him greatly, just as it has for me. Tell him that one of these days, ( perhaps at Sarah’s swearing in as POTUS 45!) we can compare chest zippers! Mine has faded out slightly, but is still a constant reminder of just how close I came to taking that most fantastic journey that a human spirit can take, into eternity and God’s arms.
    Drop by C4P once in a while my friend. We miss you! VG