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Welcome, Friends!

Be sure to catch the new post, Dad’s Big Billy, about a great record breaking hunt of Dad’s.

Speaking of posts, I’d like to hear from readers about what they enjoy most at the site. What kind of articles would you like to read in 2013? Please share in the comments!

This is a picture of my son, Kier, taken last year about fifteen minutes from my front door in Anchorage. We ski down to the shores of Cook Inlet and then head up Turnagain Arm. It still amazes me that we live in a fairly large city but we can be in pristine wilderness like this in minutes.

Sidenote… In 1778, Captain James Cook was exploring the coast of Alaska looking for the Northwest Passage. He sent one of his subordinates, William Bligh (the same Bligh from HMS Bounty fame) down an unexplored arm of Cook Inlet in search of the Passage. When Bligh’s ship reached the end of the arm, they were forced to “turn again” and go back. Hence the name, Turnagain Arm.

Kier Heath Skiing


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  • I like all your posts. Love the posts about God and the clips from the Bible…also love your family stories with lots of pictures. Facts about Sarah are always exciting. Great family experiences are great fun. Stories about current events are greatly appreciated…keep up the great job Chuck Jr.

  • I enjoy reading and learning about Alaska-specific material and unique stuff related to your family that neither Sarah nor Bristol post. Some of my past favorites included the fish wheel, recipes, the mudflats story and anything you have on hunting, and fishing. I also enjoy reading your thoughts on current events. I think you have a good mix of subjects.

  • History is always a good subject to go with, Chuck Jr.

  • Lynda

    I love the post of you and family hurting and looking for gold

  • I enjoy the stories, Chuck. Continue sharing random stories. Have you ever thought about writing a children’s book? With the photos and/or a talented illustrator, it would be great!

  • RomanBarbarian

    On top of all the stories you share with us, Chuck (all amazing stories that I hope you will continue to share!) I really like to read your opinions and concerns on what the country is going through now. You have a very sharp and straight way to say things and through you I feel more and more connected with Sarah.
    Happy, prosperous and healthy 2013 to everybody in the family!

    Love, laura.

  • MaMcGriz

    Chuck, the short answer is I like everything you post.

    The longer answer has been posted by that famous world traveler, Ron Devito. 🙂

  • chzn2bfree

    IMJO….after your prayers (seeking His path), **whatever** Adonai puts in your heart to post would be enjoyable reading…..much better than just any post….just sayin…

  • chzn2bfree

    (O/T repost)

    Q: Why is December, which means ten, the twelfth month?
    A: Rome’s calendar started in March, from then one counts Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; 7th thru10th months.

    When Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, January 1 began the new year. When you write & read 2013 one is remembering (acknowledging?) how many years it’s been since Messiah of Israel was born….thus the “happy” new year.

    Keeping the Focus, Keeping the Faith….

    Happy & Blessed New Year to all those who swing here at The Porch !!

  • I don’t usually comment here but I find your stories quite admirable and fascinating. I tell my children that it takes a special breed of people to live and survive in the last frontier! If it isn’t too intrusive, perhaps you could share some more stories on how the whole family dealt with the difficult times after the 2008 elections , that would be great.

  • AZnonna

    Great photo, Chuck! Comments preceding mine pretty much cover answers to your question: How places in Alaska got their names, info about your family, your views on current events, and, of course, anything new about Sarah and her family. I love the video about the golden lab and the beautiful child.

    An outside idea: If you ever have a reprint or second edition of your book, would you consider including a map so we “outsiders” can refer to the locations of events described in your story?
    Warmest wishes for prosperity and good health in 2013!

    • chuckjr

      Good idea about the map AZ. Thanks.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Chuck, I’m still waiting to hear your bear story!
    Having a mix of local and regional history, personal adventures, your family stories (yes, we love to hear about Sarah too) and stories about your class room experiences would be fun. The things that make Alaska unique are fun to hear.
    Politics? Maybe. Up to you.

  • c4pfan

    That’s an amazing picture!
    Keep up the good work and keep doing what you have been doing on this site!

  • John B. Hefmier

    Share only stories that are on your heart, Chuck. The reason why I come here is to eagerly anticipate what you will write next.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Happy New Year, Chuck, to you and to all your family!!!

  • TexS2012

    What was school like when you were growing up and any stories about your teachers.