Our Sarah Giveaway: Updated

Our Sarah Giveaway: Updated

Update: I have an update on our December Our Sarah book winner! Her name is Nancy Jarnagin, and she’s a regular reader here and at Facebook. We’re all very pleased to send Nancy the book, signed by Dad, Sarah, and me. Congratulations, Nancy!

Update: Our November winner has been announced. Thank you all for participating. It’s been so much fun, we’re doing it again in December!

‘Tis the season! How about a book giveaway?

Later this month I’ll randomly draw an email address from the site’s subscribers and give away a free copy of Our Sarah, signed by Sarah, Dad, and me.

Be sure to get your name in the hat! It’s free to subscribe.

Just enter your email address in the subscription box in the sidebar or lower right corner of the site and watch for a verification email. You’ll begin receiving a notice of each new post and be entered into the drawing.
Please note: Some browsers may not show all site options. If you cannot find the subscription box, try changing or updating your browser or email freebook@chuckheathjr.com to enter the drawing. You will still need to click on the verification email to finish subscribing. Thanks!


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  • since I see no subscription box and we get notices of updates, I guess we are already subscribed πŸ™‚ LOL we aren’t the most computer-savvy in the Valley but we try! I love the giveaway idea that’s awesome.

  • Okay I not to bright but cannot find subscribe but I am on my IPhone will look when I get home

  • ProudAmerican247

    Great idea! Thanks, Chuck!

  • Happy I am not the only one that does not see it… But I do not get alert…here is my e/mail gamsbo@gmail.com okay Chuck please put me a subscriber

  • I’m in…

  • I think it’s at the lower right hand corner of the blog page. Look for the link/box under “Subscribe to Blog via Email”.

  • eeeeeek! Our Sarah signed by the two Chucks *and* the Governor?? SIGN ME UP! i think i will have to email as i do not see the subscribe to blog box either. Thank you Chuck! πŸ˜€

  • mymati

    I’ve been reading your site since you started it but now I am registered. I would love to add a signed copy of your terrific book to my collection of Palin memorabilia.

  • mymati

    Chuck you might have your webmaster put the subscription box in some place more obvious, although I found it no problem, it seems others are haaving a hard time. Hm, on second thought never mind, less competition for the book LOL.

  • Greg

    Just subscribed today on my daughter’s birthday……hope that’s a good luck sign. Love Sarah, the Heath and Palin families!!!! Would love to meet all of them some day!

  • Great idea! Thank you.

  • ginthegin

    ‘Tis the season to win a Heath book! Thanks for the fabulous offer, Chuck. The odds of winning are much more favorable than tomorrow night’s Powerball drawing, too! ;D

  • Great gift idea for a lucky person and for the nation as we continue to restore her to her exceptional nature.

  • Woohoo! It’s on my “wish list” for Christmas! πŸ˜‰

  • Not to be selfish, but I certainly hope I win! πŸ™‚

  • susiepuma

    I already subscribe to your posts via email – am I still entered into the drawing? I would love a signed edition of the book – have already borrowed my current copy to a couple of people. A fresh new one would be terrific. (and I have a copy on my nook too.)

    • chuckjr

      your name’s in the hat, susiepuma! thanks

    • Ceejay

      Good question, I already get the emails, thanks for answering this chuckjr. Book is making the special gift for Christmas, have loaned out my book so many times, great read!!

  • Thank you for Sharing your Sarah with us. I will continue to discuss , and not cuss or fuss, but defend Her and your Family to the bitter end. God’s blessings I send. I commend Sarah for her Christianity and Humanity. I pray that there will be an end to that profanity and vanity and hate from the Liberals and people towards her and her Family. I see how your family has a big heart and do your part to be set apart. I respect Sarah Palin and Todd’s Decision to have TRIG. I’m a strong advocate for Special Needs . I pray that Sarah will some day run for President or at lead take a positition in the Department of Education. Our Public Schools are badly broken. On that God to me has spoken. Yes I’m rather outspoken (No joking) , and God has given me a voice to stand up for those with Special Needs. Just following God’s lead. Hope you enjoy this freestyle. I share it with a smile across the emiles, ready to go the extra mile. I am not working, because of Health issues, but was once a teacher. (I was undiagnosed ADD) I am blessed to volunteer with a great service organization. Check us out. Diane Dike Phd. story and Gracies is a great story too. We at Second Chance With Saving Grace (Non profit organization) Support Sarah Palin too. Thanks for letting me share a bit. Blessings . Laurie The One with the Story Giving God the Glory. Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Merry Christmas. http://www.dianedike.org/
    Would love Sarah to connect with Diane Dike Phd.

  • Wonderful!

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  • i think it’s great

  • Tell Sarah Palin that we need her in the game. She is the leader we’ve been waiting for. She is only that can restore this nation. It takes an outsider.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    It would be awesome to receive a signed copy to add to my collection of truthful material about Sarah which includes The Undefeated DVD. Every legit political science department should have that movie to demonstrate how a population can be brainwashed even in modern times.

    I finally got around to writing a review on Amazon for my audio purchase of Our Sarah which is definitely worth having even if you own the print version. It is delightful “listening” to the material. I encourage you to get over to amazon and add a review. The haters lurk on that site as they do on the anchorage daily (leftwing) newspaper, ADN. People who obviously didn’t even crack the cover are spewing their special brand of hate, so misguided, so misinformed, sigh.

    Keep fighting the good fight guys, we can’t give up. America deserves the truth about Sarah. Our Country is going belly wonkers and as Chuck Sr. would say, whose driving this thing anyway!

    • chuckjr

      Thank you for this note, sarahhasmyvote! That’s exactly what we have been thinking. How can so many people say terrible things about our book when they haven’t even opened it?

      Oh, well. They must not have very fulfilling lives.

      • wooters

        May we always be happy and our enemies know it. I heard a commonsense Constitutional Conservative say that a couple of times. Hmmmmm. She would make a great POTUS. Know anybody like that Chuck? πŸ˜‰

        • wooters

          And they have pathetic lives.

  • alien4palin

    Greetings all!!!

  • cudaforever

    Thanks ChuckJr !! I signed up today. I think I might win πŸ™‚

  • Yay! 2 chances to win! Thanks for the email πŸ™‚

  • cool!

  • Chuck Jr. I have subcribed a number of times but haven’t seen a verification on my email yet…

    • chuckjr

      you’re in Sue

  • Check me ….make sure I’m in…..I subscribed but not sure I’m in…no emails yet.

  • God bless this family. And thank you. From my heart to yours.

  • Raceaford

    Looking forward to reading “Our Sarah” !

  • Barbara Adams

    I am already a subscriber, please put me in for your book drawing. To bad I will be out of Alaska tomorrow and miss the book signing but I am sure I will run into somewhere. We are always promoting the wonderful things Sarah is doing for our country and her moral courage. sign me up: wasillatour@gmail.com

  • Mike W

    I met Sara ,Todd and her family at the Sara Steelman BBQ in Missouri. Such a wonderful family and such a great time. I own all of Sara’s books. We love her and thanks for sharing her with us.

  • Hey, Do you still have my email? Not able to afford to buy the book at this time….Christmas present for me?

  • c4pfan

    Good luck!

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Don’t see that there is a storm in Anchorage:) Who won December?? Hope everything is okay at your end. No report is making me wonder if all is well.

  • The granddaughters recieved their signed books today. One in Minnesota and the two here in Alaska. Very happy cousins! Thanks so much for letting me give you and Chuck Sr.’ hands a workout and Merry Christmas to you all!

  • AZnonna

    Just finished your wonderful book, the best written about Sarah. It reveals how and why she is what she is. I would like to win a signed copy so I can lend out the one I have now. I have shared an extra copy of The Undefeated with numerous friends, and I have all of her books as well. Although I planned to meet her in 2008, when she was in Tucson with John McCain, I spent that weekend in the hospital. I’m hoping that I get another opportunity some day. As retired teachers the age of your parents, my husband and I moved to southern Arizona to soak up the warm sun. We now avoid the cold climates, but we would seriously consider braving the temperatures in Alaska if we thought we had a chance to meet Sarah and her family, including you, Chuck. You’re a wonderful brother. Please keep supporting and encouraging her. That national political machine is a tough monster to to beat, if she can only devise a method to accomplish it using her massive popular support. Have a prosperous 2013!