Hunting for Gold with Mom and Dad

Hunting for Gold with Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad were ready to get back on the trail. There was no holding them back, so we took advantage of the weather and good timing. Here are some shots from our recent gold mining trip in the Talkeetna Mountains.


Mom and Bo on the way up the trail to Bone’s goldmine. That’s Gunsight Mountain in the background.



Fireweed flowers line the trail to the mine. We mark the summer season with these. When the flower’s blooms reach their top, summer is over.



Mom heading over the pass with Dad and Adrian close behind. The Chugach Mountains are in the background.



Dad, George, Adrian, and Mom, in front of our late friend Bone’s cabin. This is my dad’s favorite place on earth.



Here I’m struggling to lift a 100 pound fossilized ammonite, a three hundred million year-old fossil from the hills surrounding the mine.



A young caribou loping down the airstrip towards us.



A beautiful little mossy stream on the trail.

DSCN3060 (1)


Mountains as seen from the top of Belanger Pass.



On the way home, we stopped by Sheep Mountain Lodge for a bite to eat. The scenery doesn’t get any better than this.



Some of the gold we found in the two creeks we worked on. Most of it came from cracks in the bedrock.

Gold collected using simple tools

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  • Sue Lynn

    Awesome…great to see you wonderful parents doing so well. You are a great son Chuck Jr. We love you all!!!!! Beautiful….

  • Lynda

    Chuck, the pictures are beautiful… but seeing your mom and dad out enjoying themselves, puts a smile on my face…

  • virginiagentleman1

    A good morning to you from hot and humid Central Virginia, Chuck. It is wonderful to see your father up and about after such a complex heart surgery. Eventually most of the current weakness he feels will leave him and he will be on the go again.
    When your chest has been opened and your heart stopped for heart surgery, well…. you don’t just spring back into action as if nothing ever happened!

    I don’t know how Dad Heath was about the enforced healing and recovery period, but I was grouchy most of the time!

    All I could think of was WHAT I USED TO BE ABLE TO DO versus what LITTLE I could do in the 2 or 3 months following my surgery! Now that 9 months have passed since I left the surgeons table, I can do MOST of the things I used to do, although there are a few things that my heart does limit, but not too much.
    Chuck, I find it interesting that you took him into the higher altitudes of the mountains. Did he have any problems with getting enough air to breathe? With my CHF, (where my lungs fill up with fluids) I’m somewhat dubious about the altitudes and the effect on my getting enough air to breathe. My wife is planning a trip to the Colorado Rockies for later this summer for us, so I’m quite curious.

    Thanks for the pictures and my best wishes to you and your family. Tell your Dad that with each trip he takes away from the house, he will return tired, but stronger! VG

    • chuckjr

      Hi VG. Thanks for the note. You know, I didn’t even think about the altitude having an effect on Dad. I don’t think it bothered him that much. He was a bit sluggish during the trip, but it’s unbelievable how far he’s come since just last month. He hung in there for the entire trip. Keep in mind that we were at around 4,500 feet. You’ll be much higher than that in the Rockies. Thanks again (and btw, yes, Dad was MUCH grumpier than usual in those first couple of months following his surgery:)

      • BermudaBob

        Great to hear that your Dad is doing much better!

  • john norton

    Having a nose for it,following the tracer bits bk to where they came frm is the “Hat Trick” and keeps us ;looking,,, LOL

  • ProudAmerican247

    Yup! I think I could live in Alaska! Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing, Chuck!

  • MaMcGriz

    Chuck, it takes superb talent to pan gold into such a pleasing and gradient pattern! LOL!

    Seriously, it’s delightful to see the folks back out in their element. They both look great. Pop’s color is back and Mom looks like she’s ready for just about anything. Please hug them up for us and tell them how much we love them and appreciate what they’ve given us. (And pet Bo for us, too!)

    The photos are exceptional. Gunsight Mountain just couldn’t have been more appropriately named, could it? The moss shot is frame-worthy. The Belanger Pass view is stunning.

    Down here we look for blackberries according to where the fireweed grows. It’s one of the most beautiful wildflowers anywhere imo…and makes good honey.

    Thanks for another great post.

  • chzn2bfree

    Thankful to see these pics of your folks back into the outdoors of Life !!
    May Dad Heath get stronger in heart and Mom Heath strengthened in shoulder with more activities in the days ahead! Blessed be He who heals and restores!!!