How to Make a Bear Laugh

How to Make a Bear Laugh

Bear attacks are a frequent occurrence in Alaska, and they’re never a laughing matter. The newswoman, Julie Tremmel, who made this video had good intentions and her advice was sound, albeit a little goofy. But hey, at least she got people talking about bear encounters.


I recommend a new Alaskan book, Beyond the Bear by Dan Bigley and Debra McKinney. It chronicles a gruesome bear mauling on the Kenai peninsula and a young man’s fight to survive and return to some sort of normalcy after losing his eyes and most of his face.

I also recommend reading, Alaska Bear Tales and More Alaska Bear Tales, by Larry Kaniut. Larry is a friend of my Dad, and his true stories of bear attacks are riveting.

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(Featured image of bear courtesy of Jack King)

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  • Keith Sparbanie

    Thanks for sharing, Chuck!

  • BostonBruin

    Hi Chuck – just got back from my Alaskan cruise. Awesome trip! We did spot a couple of bears on a bus tour near Skagway. The driver did not let us out of the bus!

  • Another excellent one.

  • MaMcGriz


    Makes the hair stand up on my arms just thinking about it.

  • chzn2bfree

    Thanks for post…helps get my bearings should an encounter ever occur….
    (though I was surprise to keep quiet even at first, always heard pots & pans were effective)

    • chuckjr

      Hi Chzn. Yes, you always want to make noise when you’re in bear country… but you never know exactly how they’ll react. They sell bear bells in stores up here that you’re supposed to attach to your clothing or backpack to scare them away. Some people call them, “dinner bells”, because they can draw your attention to the bear. They also sell pepper spray for bears. Some say that the spray just angers the bear, some say it works, and some say the spray is just seasoning for the bears next meal. All bears have different personalities… just like people, you can never predict exactly how one will act.

      • chzn2bfree

        hmmmm….why does this remind me of a well known Mama Grizzly…
        sure provides a sobering perspective…. 😉

  • Palin Army

    I’m glad you are blogging again, Chuck Jr.

    Sarah Palin, Run for President in 2016 or everybody that attacked you and your family will have got what they wanted. Palin2016