Blog and Book Update

Blog and Book Update

Hello friends,

I’d like to apologize for not keeping up with my blog posts lately. As many of you know, I have been working non-stop on another book. This one chronicles my Alaskan gold mining experiences, as well as some great mammoth and fossil hunting expeditions. I’ve also included some incredible Alaskan history, and shared some of our family experiences, too. You’ll read about my brushes with death, the excitement of incredible discoveries, and the fears and disappointments I faced along the way. My hope is that the book will inspire you to seek out your own adventures and gain a deeper appreciation for all that God has given us.

The book is tentatively entitled: “One Hundred Years Too Late: Gold, Guns, and Glory on the Last Frontier”. If everything goes as planned, it should hit the shelves next spring.Chuck Heath Jr dredging for gold

I doubt the mainstream media will do much to help promote the book, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have some very knowledgeable people read the manuscript and give it a “thumbs up.”

Here’s a review from Dave Mack. Dave is a former Navy Seal, and author of five books on gold mining, including his newest, “Extreme Prospector”. He is also one of the most successful gold dredgers on the planet. It was an honor to get his endorsement because I’ve looked up to him for twenty years.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

This is a fantastic testimonial of a young man who goes against the (wise) advice of family, close friends and work colleagues, takes an unpaid extended leave of absence from his real job, and braves the extremes of the Alaskan frontier in search of his fortune in gold. The story provides an honest account of how steep the learning curve can be to become a successful prospector. After all; nothing truly valuable comes without a price to pay! Chuck learns through trial and error that the most productive places for finding rich gold deposits are nearly always in the most difficult and dangerous places. He recounts near death and extremely difficult experiences during his attempts to overcome near-impossible barriers that Mother Nature uses to guard her most cherished treasures. Chuck’s story provides non-stop lessons about the value of caring and dependable relationships, and also reliance upon yourself. His experiences are a reminder that it requires personal honesty, steadfast courage and brutally hard work to ultimately reach our life-goals. But there is even more than that here. Chuck also touches on the magic of gold, a very rare and beautiful substance which is far too valuable to exchange for mere paper money; and how the search for raw gold becomes a quest that will take you from emotional exhilaration, to devastating failure, and then back to the most wonderful experiences of a lifetime, all in a day’s work. Chuck sums it up best with the following, β€œI might have been born a hundred years too late, but the fever that drove the old timers is still burning in me.” Wonderful reading! Dave Mack, Author of “Extreme Prospector”

Chuck Heath Jr with a pan of goldI will share more endorsements from some surprising, well-known persons in future months.

Thanks for your patience… I promise it will be worth it.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    I love reading true stories and this will be high on my list. Good luck on the response.

  • Sue Lynn

    Looking forward to buying it. Sounds like a great adventure. Thanks for sharing. PS Sarah has been on fire this week and we appreciate all she does and thankful for people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee she put in the senate.

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    I can’t wait for the book, Chuck!!

    I too feel the fascination of gold–and many of us consider your sister to be a DOUBLE-EAGLE GOLD PIECE versus the two-sided counterfeit coin of the Dem-GOPe Establishment. Flip that fake coin and AMERICA LOSES, whichever side comes up!

    God bless and good luck with the book!!!


  • Lynda

    Chuck, it sounds like it will be a great book, worth waiting for…the MSM may not be there to help get the word out, and I know that would help, but please know we ( I) will be there letting people know about,we will do our best. God Bless

  • John B. Hefmier

    Cool!!! I cannot wait until the new book is out! Hopefully, there will be another book tour of some kind, and you will come back to Washington state, to sign my copy. I am open to the possibility to come to Richland again.

  • slpence

    Sounds like a good read! Can’t wait for it to come out. Thanks to you, Sarah and all the Heath/Palin family for setting such an excellent example for faith, family & country.

  • PaMom4Palin

    Oh I can’t wait for this one! Something else on my bucket list!! πŸ™‚

  • Alberta Brett

    WOOT WOOT.. can’t wait…


    I can’t wait! You will be my eyes and ears on a great adventure through Alaska. There is nothing more intriguing than some one taking you on an adventure where you have never been.

  • BermudaBob

    I, too, harken for the days of yore. When I was 18, I thought about moving to Alaska, but then joined the USAF for a bigger adventure. I spent enough frigid nights on flight lines in sub-zero temps to greatly admire those who call Alaska home. πŸ™‚

    I look forward to your next book and the imaginary thoughts it will bring to mind.

  • MaMcGriz

    WOW! That Dave Mack endorsement is golden!

    And like Lynda says, we’ll be here when the time comes for your new book to hit the streets.

    I love the title you’ve chosen. I can imagine the title alone will gain attention, and that it’ll put a certain amount of knickers in knots and make a certain number of ‘special people’ feel terribly ‘threatened.’ lol

    This is gonna be a good read. I appreciate you doing this.

    So which is more fun: going for the gold or writing about it? I bet your Mom likes it better when you’re doing the latter. πŸ˜‰

  • c4pfan

    So proud of your work, Chuck!

  • chzn2bfree

    If the book is anything like the water pic on this page, the writing will indubitably be a curious read.
    Your blogs have been missed, but good to know for a worthy journey of encapsulating adventures. You Alaskans are a fascinating bunch what you endeavor in G-d’s creation !!! ….surely you all inspire even NASA.

  • Mariah Boland

    I’m baaccckkk!! πŸ˜‰ It is alright, Chuck. I guess I didn’t miss much…Good. πŸ˜‰

  • Peg Townsend

    Hi Chuck, Just discovered your site. I think you teach with my niece’s husband Tyler. Neat to check out your site and blog. Best of luck with the book. We will follow with interest. BTW, my husband & I are fans of your sister Sarah. P. Townsend, Rockford MI

  • ProudAmerican247

    Hi Chuck- Really enjoyed Sarah’s skit on Jimmy Fallon’s show the other night. This is going to sound shallow, but did she really play the flute? MANY inquiring minds want to know on a couple Palin support sites. (We know she played the flute in school.) Maybe you could ask her and let me know? If she was pretending to play, she did a doggone good job of it! If she doesn’t want to say, that’s fine too! Thanks!