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First Our Sarah Book Review

Here’s the first review of our book! We did our best to bring our experiences to life for the reader and we are very humbled by the early response we’ve received. We hope you enjoy it as much as this reviewer did.... read more

The Our Sarah Project (Updated)

Hello Everyone! This is an exciting time for my father and me. We’ve been working on this project for quite a while and it will be fun to share it with you. As you know, there are many, many books out there about Sarah (over 100, I’m told) but this is the first one written from our perspective. You’ll read about the influences that helped to form Sarah’s character; from wild Alaskan adventures, friends, family, church, etc. You’ll also get to see some of what our family has gone through, good and bad, during this whole ride. Hope you really enjoy it, Chuck, Jr. Update (8/19):┬áIt’s starting to get a little crazy for us now! Dad and I recently finished recording the audio version of the book which was quite an ordeal. Dad said it was more difficult for him than running a marathon because his voice kept giving out. My family and I just returned from our first vacation in three years. Hawaii was a great place to recharge my batteries but I sure missed Alaska. While we were gone, dad and mom went caribou hunting and dad bagged one on opening day. Our freezers are now packed with salmon and caribou that will be excellent eating this winter. The book has some great stories about our family’s hunting and mining experiences. In a couple of weeks, we should receive our book tour schedule and we’ll let you know what cities we’ll be visiting. We’ve received requests from people in almost every state, and I wish we had time to visit them all. We’ll also start a media... read more
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